Martino confirms that the match against the United States is a priority for Mexico !– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

Argentina coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino admitted, on Wednesday, that the match against the United States is a priority in the team’s minds, because winning it may mean passing it to the World Cup in Qatar.

“I arrive the same way as every member of the team, realizing that we have nine points that could mean qualification, but there is nothing else to distract us but tomorrow’s game. If we win, it will bring us closer to the World Cup,” he said at a news conference.

Mexico will receive the United States on Thursday at the Azteca Stadium in a decisive duel for both teams, with the same number of points in the CONCACAF match, 21, four points less than leaders Canada.

Martino admitted that the match will depend on performance in the middle of the field and that the mentality of the Mexicans is to dominate in this sector and then search for goals and achieve victory.

Mexico comes from losing three matches with the United States, in the finals of the Nations League and the Gold Cup, and in the elimination duel on the ground of its competitors, the matches in which, according to the coach, he works in the half of the field. .

“In every match, controlling the midfield was decisive, although in some cases it did not correspond to the result. In the final 3-2, we managed better, we were superior and we should have won, but then they beat us. An essential part tomorrow,” he said. The advantage will be in midfield.”

Referring to his 50 matches as coach of the Mexican national team, which he will complete on Thursday, Martino said the most important was the Panama match, which won 1-0 on February 2, but the US match would be just as important. .

“The match from Panama was important because it was the last in the group of three and we needed to win; it was the most important and this element has a similar element. Both this and this game that we treat as matches that could deserve the World Cup,” he revealed.

Martino barely commented on the comments on social media that called for his departure from the national team and admitted that he is only focusing on what is in his hands.

“As head of the coaching staff and driver of the group, I try to manage what’s within my reach, and what they mention (on social networks) is out of my reach and I just have to work,” he concluded.

If they win on Thursday, Mexico will jump into second place in the game and almost get a ticket to the World Cup, but even if they lose, they can go directly to Qatar 2022, if they defeat Honduras, on Sunday in San Pedro. Sula and El Salvador, in Azteca, on Wednesday 30th.

Mexico has been present in the last seven World Cups, reaching the Round of 16 and Martino’s goal is to reach Qatar and qualify for at least the quarter-finals.


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