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BTS member Kim Taehyung aka V is all set to celebrate his 27th birthday on Dec 30 and it has already begun trending on social media.

BTS’V aka Kim Taehyung, one of the most famous names from the septet is celebrating his 27th Birthday today. And there are no doubts that the crazy ARMY is leaving no stone unturned to shower love and birthday wishes on the Winter bear. Amidst massive fanfare and trending hashtags like ‘I Purple You’, the singer sure is very much loved and it definitely shows. What you can do to wish your cotton candy on his special day.

Jin’s birthday wish for V

As the excitement around V’s birthday remains rampant, we can’t help but throw it back to the time Jin stole our heart with his hilarious and heartfelt antics towards the singer. Back in 2017, when Jin was amongest the ones hosting the KBS Gayo Daejun, he went out of his way to wish V a happy birthday on the stage itself.
“I want to say something to my members. I love my members very much, especially V, our Taehyung whose birthday is tomorrow. Know that hyung loves you a lot,” he had said back then.

V reacts to Jins display of affection on stage

While Jin was busy stealing our hearts with his wholesome gesture towards V, the man of the hour was backstage along with the rest of BTS recording Jin’s adventures. As soon as the words were out of Jin’s mouth, the members started cheering, with V letting out a dramatic cry as he stated, “I told him to not do that. I told him that he doesn’t need to do that.”

BTS’ V’s fansite to open cafes globally for his birthday; Here are some heartwarming projects have been organized by ARMYs for the Sweet Night fame.

The Cafe Project

“Nuna V”, which is the most-followed Korean fansite of V, is reportedly self-funding one of the biggest global cafe events ever. It is scheduled to take place in six different cafes across several countries including South Korea, Japan, and Dubai. The main aim of the project is to provide ARMYs with a common venue to meet and celebrate their favourite singer’s birthday. Along with their own unique theme, the cafes will take the festive season a notch higher to display their mutual love for V.

Indian ARMYs birthday project:

The Indian fanbase ‘Taehyung India Fanbase’ sent V’s advertisement video to India’s largest LED screen in Mumbai’s Infinity Mall from December 29th to 31st, and to ‘Vardaan Market’ in Kolkata from December 28th to 31st. Vietnamese fans ‘Double Rich Team’ will post LED advertisements at Savico Megamall in Hanoi on December 30th and 31st. With the hope that the star-like star V’s future will shine even brighter, global fans are celebrating V’s birthday in various ways and turning the entire global village into ‘Taetae Land’.

V’s Birthday project in Seoul:

In front of U-Plex at Hyundai Department Store in Shinchon, Seoul, based on the image of V, a showcase-type exhibition containing the world of music and individuality is held, creating a small ‘Taetae Land’ in the city. The outdoor exhibition hall faces a street with a lot of floating population, and following the footsteps of V, who loves movies and is also an actor, photos that allow you to feel everyday life are displayed in the form of film frames.

The photo wall decorated with V’s photos is expected to further enhance the festive atmosphere that fans can enjoy together. There is also a separate photo booth where you can take pictures with V to give fans memories. The inside of the specially made large film box is decorated with a design inspired by the BTS’ album BE. Wallpaper, violin, and V’s photo frame that V himself chose are decorated with vintage sculptures, cameras, record players, books, and cakes that contain V’s taste, so you can get a glimpse of the fans’ sincerity.

TaeTae Land:

In 2021, they began the TaeTae Land, which was in South Korea by creating pop ups in Seoul with V’s cartoon character plushie plus his photos and some fun facts about him, allowing people to celebrate his birthday!

Malayasian ARMYs project:

The Malaysian ARMYs adopted a white Bengal Tiger from the Zoo Negara, naming the tiger Kim Taehyung. Their donation provides food, enrichment and veterinary care. V has been linked with a tiger, making it the animal that represents him. This project was heartfelt and sweet as it allowed the protection of an animal and the love for tigers has given ARMYs around the world an opportunity to try something new for their favorite artists.

Special Message For V : A Melodious Vocalist, a Great Composer and a Heart-Touching Person. We Wish You A Very Happy Birthday dearest Kim Taehyung. Lots of Love on your Special Day, Tae Tae!

Birthday Caption For V: We Purple You, V! On your special day, I as your Biggest Fan would Love to Wish you a Heartfelt Happy Birthday. Keep rocking Winter Bear!


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