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At Wembley Stadium on Aug. 27, AEW presented All in from Wembley Stadium. With over 81,035 fans, it broke the all-time pro wrestling attendance record. Like the first game-changing event that shared its name in 2018, this year exceeded expectations with great matches and moments that will live on forever.

AEW had so much fun that it announced its All In return to Wembley Stadium next year in 2024.

From beginning to end, All In didn’t let go of its momentum. Leading the charge was the AEW World Champion MJF.

Like the first All In, he opened the event, but this time, the 27-year-old also main evented, defending the AEW World Title against tag-team partner Adam Cole. What followed was an emotional roller coaster of a match during which fan were on the edge of their seat in the stadium and at home. In the end, friendship took priority over possessions.

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MJF and Cole opened Wembley on the pre-show and challenged Aussie Open for the ROH World Tag Team Titles. Wearing similar gear, the two beat the champions for ROH gold, the first taste at anything Ring of Honor for MJF but a familiar feeling for Cole. It played into their story when they would fight one another just four-plus hours later.

In the main event, while they were bloodthirsty for gold, they still cared about the other. While MJF still used heel tactics, he was tentative in hurting his one and only friend in wrestling. However, Cole was not afraid to turn on a friend to benefit himself — he’s done that for years. He used his anger to hurt MJF, using the announce table, steel steps and ring aprons. The bout almost ended in a draw, but in one of many callbacks, Cole asked for more time, and MJF obliged. MJF landed a schoolboy on Cole to retain, shocking the latter. MJF tested their friendship, but instead of turning, Cole embraced him. For now, all is right in the world.

The two celebrated with fireworks and streamers, but it wasn’t just for that match. The celebrations were for the collaborative efforts of the AEW roster in a historic event.

Instead of being a disaster, it turned into an unlikely bonding experience where MJF embraced his face side, and Better Than You, Bay Bay was born. The two friends have experienced moments of tension at times but always ended up hugging it out.

That ends tonight, when they’ll meet for the world title at Wembley (though not before teaming to try for tag team gold first). Will one of them finally turn on the other with the stakes this high? It should be very entertaining to find out.

The All In card is also loaded to the hilt with other championship matches (four more besides the main event), a Tag Team Coffin match, and the spectacle that is Stadium Stampede. Plus the man who might be the best wrestler on the planet right now, Will Ospreay, will take on an icon in Chris Jericho.


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