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Coachella 2023 art: The stories behind the robots, flowers and other installations

Weekend one of the 2023 edition of Coachella has officially begun, and the livestream, which features six stages on both weekends, begins airing on Friday (4/14) at 7pm EDT/4pm PDT. They’ve announced the initial streaming schedule for each stage on Friday, including headliner Bad Bunny, as well as Gorillaz, Burna Boy, Pusha T, Kaytranada, The Chemical Brothers, Metro Boomin’, MUNA, Wet Leg, Blondie, Yves Tumor, Magdalena Bay, Soul Glo, The Murder Capital, Doechii, Saba, and more. “Special Guests” are also listed in the Sahara, who seem likely to be last minute lineup addition blink-182.

The art installations at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival remain ever-evolving and intriguing, especially at night. This year’s lineup of artists have created art pieces that are poetic, inspired by nature, merge art and architecture and make use of new technology such as digital mapping. Here’s a look at the 2023 installations:

Sri Lankan artist Kumkum Fernando makes art figures that are typically 30- to 40-inches tall. But for his largest works to date at the Empire Polo Club in Indio for Coachella, he created colossal statues ― measuring up to 80 feet ― that he refers to as “idols” to serve as a vibrant forum for attendees.

As an artist living and working in Vietnam, the rich colors of South Asian art and architecture, including the Tibetan and Hindi temples, stimulate his imaginative reflexes. Each stature features some poetic storytelling.

“I made a series of work completely out of window grills, another series from patterns from Persian rugs, and another from temple patterns. One day, I was arranging objects, and they appeared to form a figure. Then I thought I should make figures with these patterns,” Fernando said.

You’ll be able to see this year’s headliners Bad Bunny, Blackpink, and Frank Ocean, plus Blink-182, Gorillaz, the Chemical Brothers, Kaytranada, Wet Leg, Blondie, and more. See the schedule, broken down by YouTube channel and stage, below.

What inspired the themes of environmental destruction on WEEDKILLER?

A: I feel like we just like have lost our connection with the earth. Over the past few years, as I’ve been getting older, I’ve done way more psychedelics, and my relationship with the outside world and with the plant world has just deepened. And so it definitely informed a lot of themes, not necessarily in the lyrical world, but in the visual world. And I’m also writing a graphic novel based on a short story that I wrote that inspired the album . There are a few songs on the album that are very much in-concept. But also WEEDKILLER is not necessarily only about that, it’s like the WEEDKILLER wears many different faces, like personal adversaries in my life, like taking away my bodily autonomy.

And technology has also been a big theme for you — what’s inspired that?

I’m just thinking about that constantly, endlessly, all the time — why do I have to be a cyborg to work? I wish I could just be outside, doing long walks in the hills, hugging trees. So I feel very sad and hopeless some days about the future, but it’s not all hopeless.

It wasn’t her first time on Coachella’s main stage: she jumped up with not one, but two artists on the 2022 lineup. One was Regional Mexican band Grupo Firme, who played a well-received Spanish-language set that she brought the energy to, and the other was Colombian singer Karol G, who she sing their hit collab, “Mamiii,” with for both Coachella weekends.

“She is the sweetest thing there is and it’s an honor to have her here,” Karol G told the audience during Weekend 2 that year.

This might not be Becky G’s last Coachella, if the crowd response was any indication.


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