Tears of the Kingdom is going to ruin our lives, and I’m here for it!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

Nintendo has shared a dense, detailed look at The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the sequel to the acclaimed Nintendo Switch launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In a 13-minute gameplay demonstration, series producer Eiji Aonuma played through the game, and showcased the new open world, several new abilities, and a special edition Nintendo Switch console.

The demo began with protagonist Link, now sporting lusciously long hair, riding through the familiar setting of Hyrule on his horse. Aounuma explained that Hyrule has changed, with several floating islands now populating the skies above. From here, several new things were showcased.

Pre-orders of the venerable $360 handheld just went live, and as usual, it means themed designs for the Joy-Cons and dock, as well as cool textured patterns on the back that, in this case, looks like zen garden raking. It’s currently marked as not available for shipping, so you may need to plan on picking it up in person.

Expect stock to be inconsistent for this first run — Best Buy has text on that page indicating it’s in high demand, and will likely sell out fast. GameStop also has a store page up as of this writing, but its yet to begin taking orders.

That doesn’t mean Nintendo won’t produce more over the next weeks and months — after all, its best special edition version, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons special edition Switch, stayed available for quite a while after selling out a few times during its first few months of release. But if you’re looking to add this slick new version to your collection, you’ll want to act fast. One thing to note: As with most Switch special editions, this themed console doesn’t actually include a copy of the game.

In addition to the new Zelda Switch OLED, Nintendo has released Tears of the Kingdom-themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers ($75) and carrying cases ($25) for all you Triforce heads out there, both of which will start shipping alongside the new Breath of the Wild sequel on its May 12 release. The console itself comes a few weeks before on April 28.

First, some bad news. The new gameplay video confirms that Tears of the Kingdom will again give Link flimsy, destructible weapons that explode after giving enemies a few whacks. The good news is that players can create their own weapons from items in the game world — and hopefully at least a few of those combinations are more durable than last time around.

With the new Fuse ability, Link can splice together a giant makeshift hammer using a branch and a boulder or grab a long stick and combine it with a pitchfork for a really, reaaaally long pitchfork (if this is Zelda humor, we’re here for it). Other combos are less obvious: Merging a monster eyeball with an arrow creates a homing arrow that can track your quarry and shoot it out of the sky.

A similar ability called Ultra Hand will let Link pick up heavy items and arrange them into something new. In the demo, Aonuma shows this off by creating a wind-powered airboat out of some big fans that happened to be laying around Hyrule and some logs. The same ability will apparently let players create all kinds of vehicles, including cars and flying machines.


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