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The Falcons start remaining preparations for an important NFC South matchup in Carolina on Wednesday and a brief week to come back. This Thursday night affair could also be affected by the climate with heavy rain presently forecast.

How the Falcons deal with Thursday evening’s contest, the pressures of an vital contest and doubtlessly unfriendly components will all largely decide the final result.

There’s a ton of consider all of this. We dive into the state of the Falcons Pass Rush, the efficiency of younger working backs Tyler Allgeier and Caleb Huntley. We additionally talk about the upcoming schedule and whether or not the Falcons will search for defensive assist on this Wednesday’s Bair Mail.

Mike S from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I feel like after a hot start the sack total isn’t really moving much, what do we need to do to start getting to QBs with those game changing sacks?? Maybe I’m missing something and the total is actually good but it feels like the last few QBs we faced were way too comfortable.

Bair: Hey Mike!! Nice to listen to from you my good friend. You’re proper, the tempo of the sack has slowed. The Falcons had no sack towards the Chargers and just one towards Carolina. Generating stress is more than sacks, as a result of stress can result in throwaways or misses that result in picks or failed makes an attempt to work the ball down, and the Falcons have achieved that at occasions.

That mentioned, I do agree together with your factors that sacks are actual sport changers that may spoil a trip. The Falcons are in search of more of those performs through blitzes and a more customary pass rush.

Grady Jarrett wreaks havoc even when working double-duty. Ta’Quon Graham was good in conditions like this, even and not using a sack to his credit score. Arnold Ebiketie has one however is commonly shut, with eight quarterback hits to his credit score. A couple of corrections right here and there and he comes residence.

Uneven stress makes masking tough, particularly if the bag is totally clear. That’s the place the Falcons get into hassle. Is the reply more flashes that expose you on the again finish? I’m not so positive about that, particularly towards prime quarterbacks.

The Falcons can come residence and have at occasions. If they get more, particularly from the edge, it could assist the entire operation. They work with younger edge rushers – Lorenzo Carter is the outdated man in the group – who will develop finest by doing it. It’s finest to maintain throwing them on the market, creating them and honing their expertise. This will assist develop a greater pass rush in the long term.

Nate Kim from San Jose, Calif.

We are going into an easy stretch of the schedule, but the last 3 games are tough and it is very possible that we could end the season with a 3 game losing streak. We need to make the most of these games. Do you think we can go on like a four-game win streak from now with like the panthers, bears, commanders, and the Steelers coming up?

Bair: Even while reading your question, Nate, I can hear Tori McElhaney’s voice in my head, reminding me (as she always does) that there’s no such thing as an “easy” stretch of the schedule. Even opponents down on their luck can surge in a particular week thanks to a matchup or scheduling quirk (coming off a bye) or an injury situation. You also can’t assume a good team can’t be beat.

Assigning Ws and Ls to the schedule now is as impossible as it was when the schedule was first released. We just don’t know. We do know the Falcons need to get hot to be in position for an NFC South title and enter a vital Thursday night matchup against Carolina. If they can get a win in Charlotte, they’ll be back to .500 and in no worse than a tie for first place, with the prospect of getting some injured players back in the lineup.

As Dean Pees often says when asked about an opponents, and I’m paraphrasing here, is that it’s a little about them and a lot about us. The Falcons have to improve in certain areas, namely passing offense and pass defense (both rush and coverage) to stay competitive and win a bunch of these upcoming games. The Falcons are trying to peak down the stretch, and this is the time to do so.

Jason Howell from Boca Raton, Fla.

After seeing Grady get doubled every snap, do you think the Falcons should sign Suh to help out on the D-line?

Bair: I get asked about Ndamukong Suh fairly often as someone who could help out on the interior defensive line. I’m sure it he could, but I think the Falcons are committed to players they’re developing as draft picks or through churning the bottom third of the roster. I have a hard time seeing, with the roster in its current state and both long-term and short-term goals in mind, that signing a veteran who hasn’t played this year. Also, it takes two sides to form a pact. Would Suh want to make a move right now?

In general, though, I believe they’ll continue searching for contributors in their way, guys who can help in small ways and eventually bigger ones over a longer term. In my opinion, the Falcons shouldn’t look for rentals.

I do think the biggest additions to their lineup will come through renewed help. Getting A.J. Terrell back (in time) will be a huge shot in the arm for the secondary and could change how the Falcons are attacked. After missing him a few games already, adding him to the mix should be a big benefit to the entire team.

Kirby Killian from Monroe, Conn.

Hey man, I was wondering what your opinion is on Allgeier and Huntley? I like what both backs bring to the table and they both seem to be showing up in big ways. Do you think we have the ground attack on lock for the foreseeable future?

Bair: I have been impressed by both young players, Kirby. Tyler Allgeier has been making progress throughout the season and, on Sunday against the Chargers, I thought his best runs looked like some from his BYU highlight reel. He was decisive hitting the hole, slashed around some tacklers and was ready to get physical when the time was right.

My favorite stat about Caleb Huntley, taken from football analyst Warren Sharp, is that Huntley has the lowest percentage of runs of 1 yard or less. Not every run will be efficient, but Huntley’s tough to take down and can at least get you a couple. There’s real value in that, especially in short-yardage situations.

Both guys have been productive and earned roles even now that Cordarrelle Patterson is back and active again. The Falcons have a solid rushing crew, plus Marcus Mariota, who can turn on the afterburners. This attack is in a good space, and there should be confidence in all three guys in the present and future. Don’t forget that Cordarrelle Patterson’s under contract another year, so the whole group could return. That’s a positive for a team trying to build a steadily productive offense with a run-first mentality.


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