Carvana Review – Distracted Driving Assessment – Current Grade F

Carvana Review – Distracted Driving Assessment – Current Grade F
Carvana Review – Distracted Driving Assessment – Current Grade F

Distracted driving is the #1 cause of employee’s deaths in the nation. If you have Employees your company is Liable, Period… (OSHA)

Currently, the distracted driving grade is less than ideal for Carvana

Companies face critical risks and consequences of distracted driving and OnMyWay provides these companies with a proven plug and play solution that protects their employees, customers, community, family and friends.

This is where OnMyWay Business Solutions comes in…

OnMyWay Is Your Company’s All-In-One Solution To Distracted Driving…No Hardware Needed… Eliminate Liability… Increase Revenue and Brand Loyalty… Get Started In Days!

OnMyWay’s pricing? Simply a no-brainer.

For as little as $1-$2 per month per employee, safeguard your team, community, and brand reputation. Isn’t their safety and your company’s future worth it?

OnMyWay is more than just a distracted driving solution; it’s a marketing opportunity, a community service, PR dream and most importantly, a statement that Carvana cares.

OnMyWay has been hugely successful in saving lives and protecting our communities by rewarding drivers who keep their phones locked while driving.

We Drive Revenue, Build Brand Trust, Increase Productivity, Limit Company Liability, Increase Customer Loyalty, Protect Your Employees And Communities

The OnMyWay Rewards Method Works Because It Is Built With Human Behavior In Mind…

The best is that we can implement in just days and transform your grade to an A+.

The OMW National Traffic Safety Team has determined that distracted driving is a “Clear and Present Danger” to our communities.

The Team has also stated that all companies have a responsibility to protect their employees and communities from this preventable tragedy.

We need to change people’s thinking and promote positive actions…

To put this in perspective, imagine if you saw someone drinking a bottle of Vodka while driving. You would probably be shocked, panicked and scared, and you would want them to stop immediately.

But did you know that distracted driving is 6x more dangerous than drinking and driving? According to a study by the University of Utah.

We have the ability and the solutions to eradicate this critical problem of distracted driving while providing a “Win” for everyone involved in your community.

Employers can take proactive measures to prevent or reduce their liability for distracted driving accidents, such as establishing and enforcing a Zero Tolerance distracted driving program through the OnMyWay Social impact Platform and promoting a culture of safety.

A Company Policy is Not Enough!

Today At Least 11 People Will Not Be Coming Home From Work To Their Families!

Think About That and Maybe You Will Do Things Differently.

Partnering with OnMyWay is a Win-Win Situation: Let’s drive change together!

So far, OnMyWay has saved 219 Lives and Prevented Over 33,700 Car Crashes. With a Reach of over 127 Million Real People, we are making a difference, with a mathematical certainty.

OnMyWay Company Solutions offers such cost-effective pricing that it’s an accessible and affordable safety investment for businesses of all sizes.

Get Instant Pricing and Benefits

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