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Spoiler alert! The following contains details from Part 2 of “You” Season 4, including the season finale.

Perhaps if you only watched the first five episodes of Netflix’s “You,” released last month, you could cling to the hope that the elusive “Eat the Rich” killer taking out members of London’s 1% was someone besides the murderer/stalker at the heart of the series.

But as the new episodes released Thursday reveal, it was actually Penn Badgley’s Joe all along. Well, at least Joe in a fugue state or multiple personality or whatever you want to call it. But of course, he still got away with it. And then some.

The big twist in ‘You’ Season 4 is.
Although for much of Season 4 Joe appears to be in a battle of words and some actual violence with London mayoral hopeful Rhys (Ed Speleers), it turns out it was all a hallucination. Rhys is real, certainly, but Joe has never spoken to him. Without realizing it, Joe killed Malcolm (Stephen Hagen), Simon (Aidan Cheng) and Gemma (Eve Austin). But worse (from Joe’s perspective), he also kidnapped his obsession Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) and held her captive in a glass cage. Joe realizes this in Episode 7 when he kills the real Rhys.

Before the ending, we need to discuss the biggest twist of the series’ history, after which Joe’s whole European excursion makes a lot more sense. When a facade-less, cruel, power-hungry Rhys caught back up with Joe (via breaking into his flat) at the start of Episode 6, he had a clear proposition for him: frame someone for the Eat The Rich murders, or Joe/Jonathan will go down for it all. Once Lady Phoebe’s stalker is arrested for the crimes (more on that later), Rhys’ next mission is to kill Kate’s dad Tom Lockwood, who’s set to enter the London mayoral race.

Joe finds himself stuck between his nemesis and his lover’s father, a billionaire tycoon who knows his real identity. Lockwood wants to ruin Rhys’ reputation, so Joe tries to tape his confession, but the author is too smart for that. He also has the ultimate bargaining chip: Marienne, locked away somewhere, with her passport for proof. So, Joe tries to kill Lockwood, but the tycoon offers Joe Rhys’ location. (He’s absconded to the country after a press leak revealed that he embellished some of his memoir.)

To give a brief summary of Part One’s events, the season picked up where Season 3 left off. Joe left Los Angeles—where he faked his own death, blamed it on Love (literally and figuratively), gave his son Henry to their neighbors, and fled to Paris in search of Marienne, his one true love (this time for real). He made his way over to London where he became a professor at a university teaching literature—fitting given his affinity for books.


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