Red Velvets Joy is Together With Crush, Sungjae Fans are “Happy” for the Couple! – OnMyWay Mobile App User News

Crush and Joy are dating, according to the Korean news portal Sports Chosun, as of Monday, August 22. On May 20, the two singers collaborated on the song ‘Mayday,’ and according to Sports Chosun, they stayed in touch afterward and finally began dating.

In related news, it was revealed in February that Blackpink’s Jennie was reportedly dating her idol Big Bang’s G-Dragon. K-pop idols Hyuna and Dawn faced some kind of backlash from unexpected places when they announced that they were dating. Also check out this list of five most controversial K-pop couples, which includes Kang Daniel and Twice’s Jihyo and (G)I-DLE’s Soojin & PENTAGON’s Hui.

Joy and Crush reportedly developed an affection for each other after working together on ‘Mayday’ in May 2020, and the two remained close friends, and their feelings lately developed into a partnership. The two share a passion for animal welfare and are said to love simple dates like walking their dogs together, according to Koreaboo.

“They had a senior-junior relationship, but they recently began dating with good feelings toward each other,” SM Entertainment and P NATION both said in response to the earlier report, according to Soompi. “We are confirming the dating rumors between Crush and Joy. We will reveal our position as soon as it is confirmed,” P Nation previously told the media.

Fans welcomed the news with open arms. “The couple that we never had… BUT ANYWAYS CONGRATS JOY AND CRUSH!!,” said one. “not gonna lie, joy and crush looks so cute ever since mayday era. it really seems that they vibe well !” another added. “if the rumor between joy and crush is true, i hope people can be supportive and be happy for them as joy is a grown woman and can do whatever she wants. i mean, the girls are people first before idols so they shouldn’t be judged if they want to date or not,” a third chipped in.

The couple that we never had… BUT ANYWAYS CONGRATS JOY AND CRUSH!! 😭😭❤️❤️❤️


However, not all fans were happy. Many had long been shipping Joy with Yook Sungjae, the K-pop idol from the group BTOB who is serving in the military at the moment. Dating rumors first sprouted back in August 2018, when the two appeared on ‘We Got Married’. Longtime WGM watchers were skeptical of Sungjae and Joy as a relationship at first due to their age, but the duo rapidly became one of the most popular couples due to their obvious connection. Based on how Sungjae acted around Joy during the show, including holding hands and an alleged ‘hidden kiss’, fans began to worry that he was truly in love with her, Koreaboo had reported then.


Rumors deepened in May 2020 after Sungjae released his solo album, and the music video of ‘Come with the Wind’ made many fans wonder if he was still in love with Joy. In the video, Sungjae looks back on his memories with a girl named Melody, which is BtoB’s fandom, but fans reinterpreted it as having deeper meaning since the girl who played Melody resembled Joy.

Some fans of Sungjae took to Twitter to congratulate the couple. “JOY AND CRUSH DATING* Sungjae : if happy ever after did exist, I will still be holding you like this,” one said a gif with Joy and Sungjae in it. “joy and crush are dating, me who ship joy with sungjae since 2017 be like :,” said another, using crying face gif. “sungjae in the military after hearing joy and crush dating rumor,” joked a third. “Sungjae and Joy will forever remain as one of my favorite ship Loudly crying face. “Joy and Crush dating” is one of my biggest heartbreak this 2021,” a fourth chipped in.



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