And one: Behind Omier, Miami ends Duke men’s basketball’s 3-game win streak!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News


And one: Behind Omier, Miami ends Duke men's basketball's 3-game win streak

Duke got humbled by the Miami Hurricanes, and it was clear from the very beginning that the energy wasn’t there. Sam Klein was in the building for the game, so we open with his observations and headlines before we get to the good.

Despite the blowout loss, there was some good things to come out of last night. Sam specifically has some positive thoughts about how Jon Scheyer did his rotations last night, and we had a 10-5-5 performance from Dereck Lively that needs to be talked about. We also get into the NET rankings and how this loss actually might have helped Duke in that all-important metric.

After the break, we get into the bad, and there’s a lot to be discussed. Donald starts with the lack of energy in the Duke uniforms on the floor and how his prediction about the game ended up becoming a harsh reality. There are several points to be made about how the team played as well as the details being largely missing on the night. We end with more talk about the NET and what Duke has to look forward to over the final 7 games of the regular season, and we actually have a couple favorite plays.

“The difference for Duke last year and that run to a national championship was not (Paolo) Banchero,” said Spatola, the son-in-law of Duke coaching legend Mike Krzyzewski. “As well as Banchero was playing, Banchero had a good year all year, and he was the No. 1 pick in the draft. The difference in Duke was Jeremy Roach and the run he went on in the last month of the season, his ability to break down the defense, his ability to draw attention, his ability to finish at the rim and his ability to make shots. You had a guy late in games, and Roach did this: hit a massive 3 in that Michigan State game, I’m probably missing other ones. In that tournament run, the guy who had the biggest shots late in games was Jeremy Roach, Roddy.

“And I just think as he gets healthier coming off of that toe injury, and he gets a little more continuity, more practice, he can kind of get himself in top form,” Spatola said. “The ceiling is absolutely attached a little bit to (Dereck) Lively. The ceiling is, ‘OK Jeremy Roach, who are you going to be for the last two months of the season?’ You gonna be a guy that by the end of the year, by the tournament we’re saying, ‘Yo man, this guy is like first, second-team All-American?’”



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