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The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust (CST) has announced that Chelsea supporters visiting Stamford Bridge this season will be able to visit the ‘Over the Line’ Mental Health Hub at selected matchdays. This is a new resource in which fans who may be experiencing issues can confidentially speak to qualified mental health professionals and specialists in a familiar environment.

The Mental Health Hub has been founded by the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust as part of its wider Over the Line initiative that launched in 2021. Over the Line is a mental health signposting and education resource specifically aimed at Chelsea supporters. The Over the Line website aims to help people recognise their own problems and then find the resources that support people make that first step ’over the line’.

This initiative has been launched by the CST following the growing need to help Chelsea fans come to terms with their own mental health issues and to help them take the next step. It will be staffed by two trained counsellors from the charity Hammersmith & Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mindand will offer anyone who is experiencing difficulties a place to go for support and advice.

The Over the Line Mental Health Hub has been developed as a way for fans to help fans. The Hub will offer free information, advice, and sources of support on issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, and OCD. There is also help on hand for coping with grief, becoming a new parent, difficulty sleeping, and more.

The project is supporter-led and has been funded and supported by Chelsea FC and Chelsea Foundation.

Based in the Tea Bar [next to the ticket office], the first of the ‘Over the Line’ Mental Health Hub will be open from 1pm before Chelsea vs Nottingham Forest on Saturday 2 September.

The ‘Over the Line’ Mental Health Hub will welcome all Chelsea supporters.

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust board member & ‘Over the Line’ co-founder, David Chidgey, said: ‘The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust is proud to have launched this important service for Chelsea supporters at Stamford Bridge.

‘Since the pandemic, data shows us that people are struggling more than ever with their mental health – it is therefore vital that we help to change the often negative attitudes towards mental health.

‘As we head into the new season, it is important that fans help fans, and we hope that the Matchday Mental Health Hub will encourage those who may be struggling to seek help and support in a familiar environment.’

Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE, Chelsea board member and chair of Chelsea FC Foundation said: ‘Chelsea FC is delighted to help support the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust and their Over The Line initiative which provides important signposting services for those looking to improve their wellbeing and mental health. This has been a collaborative approach, working with the club, Chelsea FC Foundation, Chelsea Supporters’ Trust and Hammersmith & Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow MIND, and an excellent example of working together to help drive positive change.

‘We hope this is the first of many fan-led initiatives we see in the future.’

Yvonne Jones, acting director of Adult Services and Safeguarding Adults lead, Hammersmith & Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mind, said: ‘Teamwork is a foundation of success both and on and off the pitch. HFEH Mind is therefore excited to partner with Chelsea FC and the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust to deliver the Over The Line Campaign.

‘One in four people in England experience a mental health issue each year, and studies show that men are less likely to talk about their wellbeing. We therefore see campaigns like Over The Line as essential to raise awareness of mental health and the support services available. We look forward to meeting Chelsea supporters on the day and finding new ways to work together in future.’

So yes, his arrival has been messy at times, but really, the Messi Circus couldn’t have been expected to go much better. He has breathed new life into away stadiums and broadcasts alike. He has, most importantly, been fun as hell to watch, in person and on television. For a league that wants to grow and needs to grow, he’s been nitrogen-enriched fertilizer, giving diehard supporters someone to cheer for and route against, and bringing new fans to the sport.

“Even though we lost, I still think it was a major win for the Philadelphia Union and their fans because we were there to provide entertainment for the night and potentially provide an experience for a kid at his first game,” Migliaccio said. “I kept walking around that stadium, seeing the families there, and thinking, ‘I hope they remember this as much as much as I do.’

“And who knows? Maybe one day that kid plays for the Union, then goes over to Europe, and becomes the next Messi. And you know why? Because of that one night down in Chester.”


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