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How to Keep Up With The Last Thing He Told Me

Jennifer Garner really wanted the starring role in “The Last Thing He Told Me,” Hello Sunshine’s television adaptation of Laura Dave‘s novel of the same name.

At the series’ Los Angeles premiere on Thursday, Garner told Variety she went after the role of Hannah when original star Julia Roberts dropped out of the project. “I had to just do anything in my power to plead my case,” Garner said.

As a fan of the novel, Garner expressed her excitement for the adaptation starring Roberts: “I thought ‘Oh, she’s going to be amazing!’ I love that story I can’t wait to watch.” But once the role became available, Garner knew she had to pursue the part.

When Is The Last Thing He Told Me Premiering?
Wait no longer! The first two episodes of The Last Thing He Told Me are available now, as of April 14, and the remaining ones will come out on a weekly basis every Friday. There are seven episodes in total, so the full season will be available to stream as of May 19.

What Is the Episode Schedule for The Last Thing He Told Me?
While the first two episodes are now available on Apple TV+, you’re likely anxiously awaiting to watch the next episode.

On the surface, The Last Thing He Told Me is a propulsive mystery about what happened to Owen (played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Where did he go and why? But just beneath, a larger story unfurls about motherhood and the unconventional ways that family can form. Hannah and Bailey are familiar with loss, even before Owen’s abrupt disappearance. Bailey’s mother, Owen’s first wife, died in a hit-and-run incident when she was young. Hannah’s own parents were “largely uninterested in doing any child-rearing,” and she was raised by her grandfather.

“My mother left by choice, Bailey’s by tragedy, but it leaves a similar imprint on you either way,” Hannah thinks at an early point in the novel. “It leaves you in the same strange place, trying to figure out how to navigate the world without the most important person watching.”

The book and the show find Hannah and Bailey reeling and—unsure of what to do with themselves—embarking on an urgent quest to find Owen, or at the very least to find out why he fled. Bailey is pure teenager: purple-pink streaks in her hair, obsessed with musical theater, and deeply resistant toward any type of relationship with her stepmother. But as Hannah proves herself over and over to her stepdaughter—by always giving her a choice in what they do—Bailey slowly warms up to her.

The series stays largely faithful to the novel, incorporating in one more character to help flesh out Bailey’s background. Writing can access interiority in a way that television can’t, so rather than hearing Hannah’s thoughts, the show reveals more backstory: between Hannah and her grandfather, between Owen and his former father-in-law David Morse, and about the U.S. Marshall Augusto Aguilera assigned to the case.

Creating The Last Thing He Told Me was one way to “lean into the idea that no version of motherhood is more honorable, more important, more ‘natural,’” Dave writes in a Q&A included in the back of the book. “We often become mothers to people we don’t birth, we find our families in people we may not have planned for, we define home and love in ways that may be more generous and fulfilling than our younger selves could have imagined.”


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