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Masked Singer season 9 winner Medusa on sharing emotional reveal with Macaw: 'We were kindred spirits'

“This is the craziest, coolest thing ever! Thank you so much!” the singer told host Nick Cannon during her unmasked interview. “I want to say the biggest congratulations to my huge competitor, David Archuleta. When I heard you in soundcheck I said, ‘Oh no!’ But, ‘Oh, yes!’ This has really been such a surreal journey and the fact that I got to sing an emo anthem means so much. When I was hearing David’s story, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, look at us. A couple of emo kids here on this stage, unsure of who we are, not knowing if we wanted to continue on. And we made it! This has been the most incredible experience.”

Prior to Bishop’s reveal, the panelists submitted final guesses as to who they thought was hiding inside Medusa: Grimes (Robin), Fergie (Jenny), Susan Boyle (Ken) and Bishop Briggs (Nicole).

‘This has really been such a surreal journey, and the fact that I got to sing an emo anthem means so much. Because when I was hearing David’s story, I was like ”look at us a couple of emo kids here on this stage, unsure of who we are, not knowing if we wanted to continue on”, and we made it.’

Bishop then sang her hit River for the audience and the panelists all joined her on stage.

Medusa, wearing a green outfit with a head and skirt made of snakes, earlier shared that she fought hard to get to the finale. She performed Elastic Heart by Sia. The crowd chanted her name when she finished.

‘This is a finale like no other finale!’ Jenny McCarthy, 50, said.

‘The consistency that you’ve shown with your passion and your and your presence every single time, you’ve been one of my favorites of all nine seasons,’ Robin Thicke, 46, said. ‘You are one of the best we’ve ever had. Period.’

Jenny thought she might be Fergie. Robin guessed it might be Grimes, while Nicole thought it might be Bishop.

Medusa said she hoped she made her son proud before she took the stage for the second time. Medusa then performed Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance with fire shooting up behind her. The crow chanted ‘Medusa, Medusa.’

‘Unbelievable,’ Jenny said. ‘I don’t know about you guys but to me that sounded like a winning anthem she just sang.’

“When I was on the show, I was six months postpartum,” she said. “My most recent memory was performing at Coachella while pregnant, which was such an undertaking. I feel like compared to that, this was okay. That made a huge difference that I had something so intense to compare it to, being six months pregnant and performing in the desert heat. And so, I think that helped my endurance a little bit.”

Briggs is known for hits including “Wild Horses” and “River”; she recently released the new single “Baggage” and has the new EP “When Everything Went Dark” coming out next month, followed by a North American tour this fall with MisterWives.

In participating in “The Masked Singer,” Briggs said she was a fan of the show and was curious about “having the opportunity to really make it about my voice it was an adventure performing underneath the costume, for sure. I feel like I could see at the beginning of each song and then by the end of it, who knows what I could see. But my expectations going in were just to be as authentic as possible. And my hope was that the emotion would come through.”

Briggs was almost eliminated earlier in the season but saved by the show’s “Ding Dong Keep It On” bell. Asked to choose her favorite performance of the season, she went with her cover of Hozier’s “Take Me to Church.” “I got to do all the things that I love to do in my own sets,” she said. “I got to lean into the passion of the song, I got to run around, and I love Hozier.”

For Medusa, panelist Nicole Scherzinger got it right with Bishop Briggs. Robin Thicke thought it was Grimes. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg picked Fergie. Ken Jeong went rogue with Susan Boyle.

Bishop slayed every single performance throughout season 9, but her finale performances took the show to a new level. She performed Sia’s “Elastic Heart” and sealed her win with a rendition of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade.”

“That was a song that I begged the show to let me do,” the singer revealed of her final song choice. “I’m a huge fan of My Chemical Romance, and I felt like the finale was really this opportunity to say here is where I am as an artist. There are so many things to unpack. I can’t believe I got to stand on top of the piano. I was terrified. I pretended to be competent. But wow, that was terrifying. And there were flames behind me. It was truly a bucket list moment. And I just hope that My Chemical Romance feels proud of me.”

American Idol’s David Archuleta was the season 9 runner-up. When asked about collaborating in the future, Bishop said, “I would love that. I would love that so much. I feel like we are really kindred spirits, so that would be a dream.”


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