Boruto: Naruto’s Biggest Fatherhood Moment Isn’t With His Son

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations revealed Naruto Uzumaki’s new fatherly pledge to Kawaki with the newest chapter of the series! The original manga series has been in a state of transition as following the fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki, the characters are now dealing with a new status quo. Naruto and Sasuke have been weakened severely after the fight, and Boruto’s in more danger of full Otsutsuki possession than ever, so Kawaki’s been at a loss as to what he can help with considering he’s still gripping with the fact that he no longer has a Karma power to help him fight.

It seems Naruto has noticed this as well as while Kawaki tries to purposefully distance himself from the Uzumaki family with the newest chapter of the series. Kawaki blames himself for everything that happened to Naruto and the others because his coming to the village in the first place (and Naruto’s protection of him) is what caused all of that chaos, but Naruto won’t hear any of that. Naruto pledges to Kawaki that he is his son, and he can stay with them for as long as he wants.

Chapter 60 reveals Kawaki is trying to isolate himself, and Hinata and the others worry about him because he’s missing dinner. Naruto finds Kawaki sitting with the Hokage mountain (notably on Naruto’s carved face), and Kawaki opens up to him about how he doesn’t feel like there’s any place for him in the peaceful village and that Jigen was even right about how he was used as a tool by Naruto and the others. But Naruto simply picks him up and calls him his “stupid son.”

At the Uzumaki household the family throws Kawaki the proper welcoming party they had been planning to do since he got there, and Boruto even lends him a shinobi headband to wear. Kawaki’s still worried, so Naruto furthers his fatherly pledge and tells Kawaki he’s welcome to stay with them for as long as he wants. His place is with the Uzumaki family, and he tells Kawaki to let him and the others focus on the search for Code.

Ultimately, if Kawaki can’t feel at ease in Konoha, where anyone can live at ease, then it wasn’t worth him becoming Hokage. This probably only adds to Kawaki’s fervor and guilt over trying to help the others, and might push him down some dangerous territory. But at least with this chapter, we know once and for all just how Naruto feels about the boy.

What did you think about Naruto fully and truly adopting Kawaki with this newest chapter? What do you think it means for how Kawaki acts and fights going forward? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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