Thaw out the turducken: NFL will honor John Madden during Thanksgiving games!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

John Madden’s son Joe was driving along with his spouse on Wednesday towards their Thanksgiving vacation spot.

“With a turducken in the back,” Joe Madden informed USA TODAY Sports. “It takes awhile to thaw these things.”

It was John Madden, the previous Oakland Raiders coach turned broadcasting legend, who introduced fame to the turducken – a deboned turkey, full of a deboned duck, full of a hen. It was a 12 months in the past John Madden dug into the Thanksgiving delicacy one final time.

“It’s a somber, somber occasion,” Joe Madden stated as Thanksgiving Day approached. “But at the same time…”

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The Madden household and NFL followers watching the league’s three-game slate Thursday will witness an unprecedented tribute to John Madden, who known as 20 Thanksgiving Day NFL games during his broadcasting profession.

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The NFL stated the commemoration will embrace:

• A “John Madden Thanksgiving” emblem on the 25-yard line on the sector for every of the games – Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants and New England Patriots vs. Minnesota Vikings.

• A sticker on the again of every participant’s helmet depicting the picture of Madden along with his fist within the air.

• A recording of Madden speaking about Thanksgiving and the vacation’s relationship to soccer that may function the lead-in to every of the games.

“No one cared more or contributed more to our game than John Madden,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated in a press launch issued by the league. “Honoring his memory and impact on the NFL is important and Thanksgiving Day brings all of the elements significant to John to life – family, football, food and fun.”

Madden retired from broadcasting in 2009, however the Thanksgiving recollections endure.

Presenting turkey legs to gamers of the sport.

Incorporating the six-legged turducken whereas awarding a leg not solely to the participant of the sport however to all 5 offensive linemen of the successful crew.

Bantering on-air with the likes of Emmitt Smith and Randy Moss as turkey legs had been devoured.

“He didn’t own Thanksgiving, but it was kind of damn close, right?” stated Richard Zyontz, a lead NFL producer for Fox Sports. “He just took the holiday and embraced it and sort of made it his own.”

Now, even in demise, Madden will keep an annual presence beginning with the NFL’s inaugural “John Madden Thanksgiving Celebration.”

How a lot did the league need this to occur? Enough to lead to what Zyontz known as “the rare spirit of cooperation across three networks who are all doing games,” with Fox, NBC and CBS every televising one of many games.

With slight variations, the networks largely will stick to the script, which incorporates the “Madden Player of the Game” receiving $10,000 from the NFL Foundation to donate to the youth or highschool soccer program of their selection.

Aware of the tribute plans, Joe Madden, his spouse and the thawing turducken headed for his in-laws’ home in Northern California on Wednesday. His older brother, Mike, would be with their mom, Virginia, who was married to John Madden for 62 years.

For NBC Sports, Mike Madden narrated a halftime function and Joe Madden served because the sound engineer when it was taped in their father’s facility.

“The NFL is reaching out to our family and extending such an honor,” Joe Madden stated. “It’s great to be a part of it and reflect on how much my dad was a part of all these Thanksgivings with so many Americans that want to watch football.”


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