The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s final trailer is full of great little details!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

Yesterday we saw the final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, along with a few clips of the actors all talking to camera. Clearly intended to show off the star power to dorks like me who set an alarm for the latest Mario trailer, the gang of Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Seth Rogen, and Keegan Michael-Key were in one group, with Anya Taylor-Joy and Jack Black in another. After serving their purpose of reminding us they’re in the movie, we moved onto the trailer, which doubled down on what we’ve already seen. There weren’t many new reveals (Fire Donkey Kong aside), with the trailer instead expanding on Bowser’s fiery prison, Luigi being trapped, Mario learning his platforming skills, and Mario Kart. Lots of Mario Kart. Initially I thought this was just a set piece, but the more I see, the more I’m convinced this is not a Super Mario Bros. Movie at all. It’s a Mario Kart movie.

Ticket prices vary depending on your area, but expect to spend at least $12 per ticket. The RealD 3D version is a bit more expensive than the standard showing–but these might sell out the fastest, as most theaters are offering more showtimes for the standard format.

Regardless of how you plan to view The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it doesn’t hurt to get your tickets today and reserve the best seats in the theater–and to get the buy one, get one free deal, of course.

The final trailer for the movie was shared earlier this week. It featured Luigi trapped in a cage, Bowser’s massive army, and the iconic Rainbow Road. It’s shaping up to be one of the biggest releases of the year, with big names like Jack Black, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Chris Pratt lending their voices to the action.

Beyond the star-studded cast, the film has an impressive animation studio running the show, with Illumination at the helm. The team has previously worked on Despicable Me and Minions and it’s whimsical art style is on full display with the upcoming Mario movie.

Unfortunately, I soon discovered that the sandy kingdom was in fact the creatively named Sand Kingdom, with the upside down pyramids a rather obvious clue to that. With just a month left until the movie drops and no more trailers to come, that looks to be it for Princess Daisy. She’s not a big enough deal to keep her back for a surprise appearance in the movie, even if she should be. I’d wager  have more chance of taking that role, with Nintendo repeatedly struggling to understand what to do with Daisy. She feels doomed to Party and sports titles from now on, but having missed the most recent sports title, even that isn’t guaranteed. What did she do to deserve this?

My hope now is that she’s a Shadow the Hedgehog-style surprise, being saved up for the end credits, with The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 built up around her. Do that and all will be forgiven. Cast someone like Florence Pugh and I’ll buy two tickets, maybe even three. Princess Daisy has always been a core part of the Mario universe, and while some things from the past 40 years needed to be cut for a 90 minute movie, it feels harsh that the line stops at Daisy. It feels worse still that Sarasaland was dangled in front of us, then ripped away for a middling level from Super Mario Odyssey. She’s part of the fabric of Mario as far as I’m concerned, and she’s been disrespected for too long. Set the sequel in Sarasaland or we riot.

Looking back at older trailers, we see this too. It initially seemed like a reference for fans that when Peach grabs her halberd for battle she’s wearing her Mario Kart outfit. But now it seems as if that’s because fighting and Mario Karting (presumably called Peach Kart or just go-karting in this world) are one and the same. Mario’s violence has always been very cartoonish, but even then translating him stomping on his enemies’ heads is difficult to translate to the big screen if you also want to have an epic showdown. With Mario Kart though, the spectacle is packed in.


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