‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ Cast on David Rossi’s Shocking Loss and Garcia’s Romantic Future With Alvez!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

It’s been nearly three years since “Criminal Minds” ended, but a lot has changed within the BAU. When the new show begins, Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) is no longer at the unit, and is living her best life. Evolution will bring back familiar and beloved characters for the 10-episode season. She thrived on her own throughout the pandemic and is enjoying a lighter, less murder-filled existence. Thanks to the show’s fan following, it was confirmed that the show would be getting a revival in the form of Criminal Minds: Evolution, which is right around the corner.

Of course, that’s short-lived, as Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) comes knocking on her door in the premiere.J. In a blink-if-you-miss-it moment, she references that they did go on a date — he finally asked her out during the 2020 finale — but it was simply “one dinner, three years ago” and they actually “thrive as frenemies. Everyone in the Behavioral Analysis Unit has been separated because of budget cuts and the politics of the Department of Terrorism, Department of Justice, and the FBI.

” Still, that flirting will continue, Vangsness confirms. While the series will follow the same formula from previous seasons, broadcasting from a streaming service will give the show a more cinematic feeling and allow more time with each character. Check out the new video below: Related: Criminals Minds’ New Series Title Avoids A Major Reboot Problem What To Expect From Criminal Minds: Evolution Other promotional materials have made it clear that the upcoming Criminal Minds: Evolutions will follow the crack team of BAU investigators as they look into a possible serial killer network. “I find the rollercoaster of being satisfied and dissatisfied very satisfying ,” she says. “I’ve spent a lot of time with Adam. “Like, if anybody ever wanted to see more Garcia, just living her life, you get to see that in a much longer, deeper way. You get to see our evolution of our deep disdain for each other grow into a deeper disdain.

Cook’s JJ, Kirsten Vangsness’ Garcia and Aisha Tyler’s Tara, it will notably mark the absence of Matthew Gray Gubler’s Reid, which is said to stem from scheduling issues. During the pandemic, we got closer as people — by the end, we were having double dates with our partners!” She adds that this season, which features more Garcia than ever before, it’s evident that the connection between the pair is effortless.” Related One of the biggest changes to the show involves the unsub. We don’t know where Spencer Reed [Matthew Gray Gubler] and Agent Simmons [Daniel Henney] are.

“We trust each other so much,” says Vangsness. “Criminal Minds: Evolution” . On Paramount+, Evolution will primarily follow the actions of one recurring criminal within a network of serial killers. Now that the pandemic is winding down and people are returning to their normal, vulnerable lives, it will be up to the BAU to make sure that this network is thwarted in whatever plans were concocted during the two years of COVID-19’s prevalence.


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