‘Hearthstone’ Mercenaries Mode Gameplay Trailer Released, Patch 21.4 Arrives Later Today !– OnMyWay Mobile App User News


When Hearthstone (Free) patch 21.2 arrived a little while ago, Hearthstone Mercenaries pre-purchase was available on all platforms. If you’ve not kept up with Hearthstone and the new Mercenaries mode, it lets you collect Mercenaries and assemble parties to take on procedurally generated bounties by blending RPG and roguelike elements alongside Hearthstone characters. Earlier today, Blizzard revealed that Hearthstone patch 21.4 with the new Mercenaries mode releases later today. There will be 51 playable mercenaries at launch and this mode will have its own rating and matchmaking system. Blizzard says this is the most complex matchmaking and rating system the game has seen. Details on this will be revealed soon. Blizzard also released the first Hearthstone Mercenaries gameplay video. Watch it below:

Hearthstone patch 21.4 also begins preparations for the Hallow’s End with costumed cosmetics coming next week including the Fairy Tales bundle and the Battlegrounds Bundle. Full festivities here will begin from Hearthstone patch 21.6. Today’s patch will also have a ton of bug fixes which you can read here. Daily and Weekly quests in Hearthstone will not be compatible in Mercenaries barring the ones that require winning games in any mode and the ones that require taking a certain number of turns. Future patches will tweak the language to indicate which of the quests support Mercenaries mode. I’m curious to see how Hearthstone Mercenaries plays out and how Battlegrounds adapts this year following this big revamp earlier. Have you been playing Hearthstone recently and what do you think of the Mercenaries gameplay so far?