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Honkai: Star Rail Review - A New Gold Standard In Live Service RPGs

Each Honkai: Star Rail character follows a certain Path that defines their role in combat. Every figure uses the power of a certain element as well, which specifies their Damage Type. If you’re familiar with HoYoverse’s flagship title, Genshin Impact, you could compare the characters’ Damage Types to their Visions and the Paths to their weapon classes.

A character’s Path defines their general combat role, which helps with building balanced teams, and is the determining factor as to which Light Cones they are able to use – these are items they can equip to enhance their stats and gain additional effects.

Similar to Genshin Impact which often has some codes, Honkai: Star Rail also features some redeem codes for people to claim on launch day. This article will feature the three Honkai: Star Rail redeem codes, how to redeem them, and other items players will get to begin their Trailblazing journey.

Most maps have a set number of puzzles to complete and treasure to find, which you can see in the top left corner of your map. These chests do not respawn, but they contain tons of useful loot, including premium currency Stellar Jade. As you run around for the story, don’t be afraid to wander down the wrong corner — you’ll probably find a treasure chest waiting for you at the end of the path.

There are many games where you can brute force through enemies while not focusing on actual provided weaknesses. Sometimes, Star Rail is like this. Other times, it’s not. When it comes to boss fights and higher-scale enemies, you’ll do better if you have one or two characters that can exploit weaknesses.

If you follow the above tip, you’ll see lots of huge, looming enemies standing in front of chests. Their names may glow red, indicating that they are much higher level than you. It is possible to finesse these monsters and beat them when you’re lower leveled, but it’s easier to just come back later. Make a mental note and come take them down after powering up a bit.

From the get-go, it’s obvious that some of Honkai: Star Rail’s design is informed by lessons that would have been learned from Genshin Impact’s vocal player base. There’s no Paimon-style character bumbling through scenes that would otherwise be emotional or intense – the closest thing is Pom-Pom, the Astral Express conductor, whose lack of presence in key plot moments makes them much more palatable when they do inject some humor into the narrative.

There’s also simply more to do at launch in Honkai: Star Rail than expected. Aside from main story progression, there are a multitude of side quests, dailies, and character-specific story quests. Daily text messages from characters serve to add a bit of the mundane to an otherwise grand scope, with discussions about coffee helping ground the budding relationships as the Astral Express seeks to unseat sinister powers. Options to gather experience & crafting materials opens up early, and there’s a familiar Trailblazer Level system that serves to gate content getting harder as players begin to complete more and more adventures.


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