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Lamar Jackson wins contract extension with Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson is staying in Baltimore. Jackson has agreed to a five-year 260 million-dollar contract. 185 of those 260 million dollars are guaranteed. Which means around 71 percent of the contract is guaranteed.

Up until this point, the Ravens have given in to his demands for a better wide receiver room by getting Odell Beckham Jr. The Ravens may go wide receiver in this draft as well to keep adding to this position group. This contract will tie him to the Ravens for the next five years.

As reported by Jay Glazer, this contract will make him the highest-paid player in the league. While any deal would have certainly made the most-paid player in the league, it all came down to the guaranteed money in the deal for the former MVP.

In terms of guaranteed money, it seems like Lamar may have gotten a bit of an edge on Baltimore considering it was at a standstill for a huge part of the off-season. Additionally, a lot of teams had checked out of the Lamar Jackson market by publicly announcing they were not interested in trading two first-round picks (the penalty for the tag).

Getting way more than $133 million guaranteed is huge for Lamar Jackson who represented himself. That number was disputed by Lamar Jackson himself but it seems like this was near the range the Ravens were willing to offer (at the least whether the report is true or not, we will never know).

While he was on the franchise tag, he could have sat out for a portion of the season until he got the deal he wanted. While he might not be able to stay healthy 100 percent of the time, Lamar Jackson is an MVP-level QB who is one of the best in the league. It seems like the Ravens were able to get a deal done with Lamar using Jalen Hurts’ deal as a marker for the extension.

Lamar Jackson was able to get a huge chunk of his contract guaranteed and made the Ravens change their offensive coordinator/system and money investment at the wide receiver position. He did this even without an agent. That is a huge win for Lamar Jackson.

Jackson said he requested a trade on March 2. On March 7, the Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on him, allowing him to negotiate with other teams. On March 27, exactly one month ago, Jackson made his trade request public.

There were no reported offers made or trades proposed, and the Ravens continued to work to bring their former MVP back.

The Ravens signed Odell Beckham Jr. two weeks ago, which seemed to please Jackson. The two connected immediately afterwards. The Eagles reached the extension with Hurts on April 17, which helped to set the parameters of the star quarterback market.

There’s never been a doubt about Jackson’s talent. He’s one of the most dynamic and winningest quarterbacks in the league, and he’s helped make the Ravens one of the best teams in the league the past five seasons.

Jackson’s record of 45-16 (.738) is the fourth-best of any quarterback who debuted in the Super Bowl era, trailing only Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and Roger Staubach. He was the NFL’s unanimous MVP after a magical 2019 season. The Ravens have struggled when Jackson has been injured the past two seasons, going 3-9 in his absence.

Now with Jackson in Baltimore for the foreseeable future, the Ravens have their centerpiece in place and will try to get over the final hurdle. Jackson, who promised Baltimore a Super Bowl when he was drafted five years ago, has another five more years to help deliver it.

In 2019, his first full season as a starter, Jackson became the second unanimous selection for NFL MVP . He led the NFL in touchdown passes (36) and set the league mark for most rushing yards by a quarterback (1,206).

But Jackson ‘s performance has been marred by injuries and inconsistent play of late. Over the past two seasons, he’s thrown 33 touchdown passes and 20 interceptions while missing a total of 11 games, including a 24-17 playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Despite the lack of progress in contract talks over the years, Ravens officials repeatedly remained optimistic that a deal would be struck. Earlier this month, Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta said , “He’s the right player to take us to where we want to be.”

Now the Ravens know that Lamar Jackson will be in Baltimore for another five years.

During the offseason there was a lot of talk about Lamar Jackson wanting a forced trade to leave the Batimore Ravens , although he had finally agreed to continue for one more season at the beginning.

The quarterback, chosen as the NFL Most Valuable Player in 2019 , had made the announcement on Twitter on March 2 with a letter.

“Let me personally answer your questions regarding my future plans. As of March 2, I have requested a trade from the Ravens organization as they have not been interested in realizing my value, and everyone who has known me or has been close to me, they know that I love soccer and that my dream is to help a team win the Super Bowl.”


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