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Follow along with regular updates from your lo click refreshcal news team at the Lansing State Journal, on Michigan’s primary Election Day Aug. 2. Bookmark this page, or in your browser window for the most up-to-date local results in real time as votes are cast, and later tallied, across Greater Lansing.

In perhaps the narrowest decision of the night, Emily Dievendorf defeated Jon Horford for the Democratic nod in the 77th District by a margin of 25 votes.

And in the 78th District, representing portions of Ionia, Barry and Eaton counties, Democrat Leah Groves, running opposed, and Republican Gina Johnsen set up a November contest.

The 77th District splits the city of Lansing north of the Grand River from the rest of the Ingham County, packaging those voters with parts of southern Clinton County and a small part of Eaton County

In the newly redrawn Michigan House of Representatives, results have come in.

In District 71, which includes Owosso and most of Shiawassee County, Democrat Mark Zacharda will face Republican Brian BeGole, who is the county sheriff, in November’s general election.

In District 74, including most of Lansing’s south side and Delhi Charter Township, Democrat Kara Hope cruised to a victory and will face Republican Jennifer Sokol, who ran unopposed.

And in District 75, representing East Lansing with portions of Clinton and Shiawassee counties, Penelope Tsernoglou won over two other Democratic candidates to set up a November race with Republican Chris Stewart, who ran unopposed.

With 100% of precincts reporting results across Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, Livingston and Shiawassee counties, the final tallies in Tuesday’s primary elections appear to be set.

In the new District 21, former Rep. Sarah Anthony and Nkenge Ayanna Robertson ran unopposed for the Democratic and Republican nominations, respectively.

In the 22nd district, Democratic candidate Jordan Genso ran unopposed, while Lana L. Theis defeated Mike Detmer for the Republican nomination, receiving about 59% of the vote.

And, in the 28th district, former Democratic state Rep. Sam Singh will face Republican newcomer Daylen Howard in November. Singh soundly defeated Muhammad Salman Rais, receiving about 89% of the vote, while Howard received about 58% of the vote against Maydhu Anderson.

For the dedicated data hounds, you can follow along with live updates on the county website here. Your LSJ news team will be back in the morning with more coverage of primary election results in Greater Lansing.

Thank you for following along with us today, and a special thanks to all who voted — and to all the candidates who put forth their names to serve our communities. Good night.


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