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Tears of the Kingdom Appears to Take Place a Few Years After Breath of the Wild

An upcoming TV ad for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has leaked, giving us a glimpse at a few more, previously unknown, details.

Beware elements that could be considered minor spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom below. If you want to head into the game as fresh as you can, this is your cue to head elsewhere.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has received its final gameplay trailer ahead of its highly-anticipated launch on 12 May 2023. The new look is a flashy reel of what’s to come, and dives deep into the game’s overarching story, new traversal mechanics, and the horrors inflicted by the returning might of series antagonist, Ganondorf – now restored in stature and power.

The trailer opens on a vast horizon, where sweeping clouds reveal the decimated land of Hyrule, broken into various sky islands. Link, of course, has the most dramatic entrance to the action, as he dives from high above in the sky to glide and land amongst the tall grass.

In brief snippets, more of the Hyrule terrain is shown off – idyllic villages, mountain ranges, grassy plains, and even a sandy desert. There’s also a new look at an apocalyptic castle, presumably a corrupted Hyrule Castle, and a brief tease of major jeopardy for Link and Zelda.

It’s a little more subtle, but Tulin has grown too. Tulin, if you recall, is the son of Teba, Revali’s successor. In today’s trailer, it looks like Tulin is taking up his father’s mantel as a Champion and fighting alongside Link, and he’s gotten slightly taller, grown a feather ponytail, and has a somewhat more fierce expression than he did the first time we met him. In fact, his whole demeanor just seems a bit more mature than before.

These new clips join tons of other new Tears of the Kingdom details today that we learned from the new trailer, which we’ve broken down for you. Nintendo’s official site has already revealed where Tears of the Kingdom’s adventure will start, we have theories as to when this game takes place, and we’re all currently obsessed with a guy Tears of the Kingdom fans are calling “Bucket Head.”

Although they aren’t technically the same characters, the three Oracles in Oracle of Seasons and Ages also bear the names of the Goddesses. Din, in particular, bears somewhat of a resemblance to the new character in Tears of the Kingdom’s trailer.

There is, of course, another option here — the Goddess Hylia from Skyward Sword, another divine entity that was reborn as the very first Zelda. Hylia is essentially the being that first sealed away the Demon King Demise, but she was grievously wounded in doing so. With the last of her power, she created Fi and the Goddess Sword, which would help the Chosen Hero on his journey in the future.

It’s possible that Zelda is channeling the power of a goddess, and as such it changes her appearance. This certainly wouldn’t be the first throwback hinted at in Tears of the Kingdom, as there are rampant theories about the game bringing back tons of elements.


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