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It’s been two-plus years since the Shelby clan assassination attempt on Sir Oswald Mosley ended in failure and treachery – Shelby’s ally killed and Tommy chasing the apparition of his dead wife, Grace. Committing suicide in the fog. But now Peaky Blinders Season 6, the final season, is finally here — it’s been just across the pond in America for a while.

Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy told Men’s Health last spring while filming that the final season would be “gothic” — “huge themes and big emotions.” And producer Stephen Knight has been talking about the finale for years. He once teased the final season as a redemption arc for Tommy. “It will tell a different story, where Tommy Shelby – who starts out as this nihilistic, only looking for his family man – will be rescued, and he will be well.”

It’s hard to imagine the series getting much bigger. Local conflicts that began with a shipment of stolen guns have turned into false flags; the British Operation and the Great Escape Tunnel into Russian monarchy jewel deposits and parliamentary assassination plots, while Tommy and the Peaky Blinders draw from everyone from local street gangs to the IRA. fight. The Italians to the Soviets to the Scots to the Fascist Party.

But Season 6 is apparently even bigger than all that. And even as the deaths mount, the cast grows. There are more power players this season than ever before.

Returning to the cast are major players from Season 5, including Sam Claflin as Sir Oswald Mosley, Charlene McKenna as IRA captain Laura McKee, and Neil Maskell as Winston Churchill. Also returning is Anya Taylor-Joy as Michael Shelby’s wife and niece to a brand-new character, Jack Nelson, played by James Frecheville. Another addition is Amber Anderson as Lady Diana Mitford, a real-life socialite and future wife to Oswald Mosley.

An immediately apparent absence from the cast this season will be Helen McCrory, who plays Polly Gray. McCrory passed away in early 2021. The first episode is dedicated to her.

Cillian Murphy (Thomas Shelby)
peaky blinders cast

Tommy’s come a long way since fixing horse races in Season 1. His character arc propels him either toward salvation or downfall (both of which might come through death) in Season 6—the approach of WWII bookending the series, which began with Tommy’s return from France, another World War. The escalating trauma of those experiences now pushes Tommy to the edge.

Over the eight years of the series, actor Cillian Murphy has continued to appear in dozens of film roles. His upcoming film Oppenheimer will be his sixth collaboration with director Christopher Nolan—and his first lead role in a Nolan film.

Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby)
peaky blinders cast

Introduced as the angry (and stupid) older brother to Tommy, Arthur Shelby has endured maybe the most extreme transformations of any character in the series—going from hot head to cokehead to reformed hothead/cokehead back to hothead.

Actor Paul Anderson continues to turn in an absolutely spectacular performance. He’s also appeared on episodes of The Prince and Top Boy.

Sophie Rundle (Ada Shelby)

Throughout the series run, Ada has been a continuous victim, both of the Shelby’s own criminality and the convenience of the plot. Her first husband, communist Freddie Thorne, died of pestilence in Season 2, leaving her child fatherless. Her latest boyfriend, a British intelligence officer, was killed by a car bomb last season, leaving her soon-to-be second child also fatherless. This season, Ada gets to shine as the most capable Shelby.

Sophie Rundle is also currently starring in Gentleman Jack.

Harry Kirton (Finn Shelby)

It’s not until Season 4 that Finn gets a real seat at the Shelby crime table; he’s finally ready after the death of his older brother John. Since then, Finn has been something of a side character—until he accidentally let’s slip the Shelby plan to kill Oswald Mosley. But with the encroaching interfamily drama spurred by Michael, this season may prove to be a bigger one for the youngest Shelby.

Harry Kirton is still a young actor, so look for him in more projects in the coming years.

Finn Cole (Michael Gray)

First introduced in season 2 as Polly’s lost son—and not as any kind of player in the Birmingham underworld—Michael has recently gone Corleone. His hunger for power has put him in direct opposition with Tommy and will motivate most of the family drama in Season 6.

Finn Cole has been concurrently starring in Animal Kingdom. He was also in F9: The Fast Saga last year.

Natasha O’Keeffe (Lizzie Stark)

At first, Lizzie was set to marry John. She has since married Tommy and become something of a disgruntled employee of the gang—with Tommy increasingly losing his grip. In Season 6, we expect Lizzie to play the role of Tommy whisperer once again, keeping the family together.

You might recognize O’Keeffe from recents like Intergalactic and The Wheel of Time.

Packy Lee (Johnny Dogs)

Like Strong, Johnny Dogs has always been just kind of … there. He’s been with Tommy since season 1, helping smooth out relations with the Lee family.

Packy Lee (Lee, the actor) has appeared in quite a few Netflix hits, including The Witcher and The Frankenstein Chronicles.

Tom Hardy (Alfie Solomons)

The leader of Birmingham’s Jewish crime syndicate, Alfie has been Tommy’s frenemy for every season, coming back from the dead for Season 5. With a common enemy in Mosley, however, it seems likely the two will continue this alliance into the new season.

Tom Hardy will return again for Season 6—and probably make another electrifying Tom Hardy performance. The man never fails to deliver.

Ned Dennehy (Charlie Strong)

We don’t see too much of Charlie over the course of the season, though he remains a stalwart in the Birmingham crime scene, having served generations of Shelby.

Dennehy returns in Season 6 for one final go. Outlander fans will recognize him immediately.

Benjamin Zephaniah (Jeremiah Jesus)

Jeremiah fought with Tommy in the war and has been a continuous ally in each season—even though these actions call into question his role as a street preacher. Benjamin Zephaniah returns for Season 6. He’s best known for Peaky but has written and appeared in other projects.


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