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At General Hospital, Chase walks in on Brook Lynn trying to justify lying to Valentin about him being Bailey’s father. The cop announces that he’s Bailey’s father. Valentin doesn’t believe it. The detective claims he has a DNA test to prove it and refuses to forgive BLQ for betraying him. BLQ claims she just did what she had to and was just trying to do the right thing. She continues justifying her actions and apologizing. Valentin doesn’t believe she’s sorry and will never forgive her for this. Chase leads her away. Valentin is left alone to look at a picture of Bailey and weep. Eventually, he gets up and calls someone to say he has a job for them to do.

Down the hall, Brook Lynn hugs Chase and thanks him for covering for her. He explains he knows who Bailey’s real mother and father are. She’s relieved and wanted to tell him earlier. They never intended for this lie to go on for months. Considering what a good father he turned out to be, BLQ hates how much she’s hurt Valentin. The cop promises to tell any lie he needs to so they can protect the baby. She’s worried about the Cassadine coming to punish her.

In the delivery room, Sasha screams as her baby is rushed out. Brando holds her hand as she cries and the doctors continue to operate on her. She passes out and hemorrhages. The doctors push Brando out.

In the corridor, Maxie spots Brando in tears. He tells her he may be losing Sasha and their son. She gives him a hug and tries to be reassuring. Brando tells her that only one glance at his son convinced him of how much he loves him. Maxie is sure he will do anything to help his child. He’s felt like he’s been on the sidelines but is eager to pull his weight. It’s impossible to imagine raising his son without Sasha. Liz comes out and explains that Dr. Navarro has stabilized Sasha and the baby is in an incubator.

Brando goes in to see Sasha and tells her how much he and their son need her. She’s eager to see their baby. Navarro enters and says that they can’t see their son.

Jax runs into Carly in the square. He tells her he’s going to miss the cold weather when he leaves for Australia. He’s been putting it off while waiting for things to be safer for Joss. After he makes a snipe at Jason, Carly reminds her ex that they are no longer friends. She blames Nina for him losing all his friends in Port Charles. Once she’s alone, Carly calls Jason to say she misses him.

Sonny bumps into Nina at Charlie’s. He came to see Phyllis but she’s not there. She tells him that Sasha had to have an emergency C section because of a placental abruption. He’s eager to see Brando and rushes to the door. Seeing how upset Nina is, however, he stays behind with her. She knows she shouldn’t hover over Sasha. In her heart, she sometimes forgets she’s not her daughter. “Hearts tend to do that,” Sonny says. Nina rambles about lies until she stops herself and apologizes for lying to him. She was in pain and he was kinder to her than anyone has ever been. He reminds her there was no “Mike” and accuses her of trying to control him. That’s all she’s ever known. He insists that what they had in Nixon Falls wasn’t love, just a lie. It was close enough for her. Waiting around for news about Sasha is making her feel helpless. Sonny tries reassuring her. Jax arrives. After Sonny exits, Nina assures Jax that she and Corinthos have no future.

In a tunnel on Cassadine Island, Peter coughs and crawls out of the wreckage. He sees Drew is still unconscious and picks up a rock. Before he can finish him off, Drew wakes up, and Peter runs. Drew climbs out from the rubble and wakes up Britt. Obrecht crawls over to them.

When Peter gets into the Cassadine house, Anna and Robert corner him. He tells them the others are in the collapsed tunnel. After they cuff him, Valentin calls Anna to check-in.

Anna and some WSB agents enter the tunnel and find the survivors. She bickers with Obrecht as Drew searches for Jason. Anna leads them out.

Back upstairs, Peter taunts everyone as they wish they could kill him. Drew and Obrecht lunge at him but they are kept back. Anna assures Drew that Peter will be punished. Robert explains there is no sign of Jason anywhere on the island. Britt freaks out and Drew tries to keep her calm.

Outside, Peter manages to convince the WSB agents to cuff him from the front. He also talks them into giving him a phone. He calls Maxie and announces he’s coming home.

On the next General Hospital: Valentin vows to help Maxie, and Carly tells Sonny they need to settle the issue with Nina.





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