Kanye West’s X/Twitter Account Reinstated After He Reportedly Promised to Refrain From Posting Antisemitic Content!- OnMyWay Mobile App User News

Kanye West’s X/Twitter Account Reinstated After He Reportedly Promised to Refrain From Posting Antisemitic Content

A giant flashing “X” sign was installed Friday on top of the building formerly known as Twitter headquarters in San Francisco without the permission from the city, prompting an investigation by area authorities.

The city began an investigation into the sign last week, saying the company failed to obtain the permits required to follow design and safety protocols, according to the Associated Press.

Any replacement signage requires a permit to ensure “consistency with the historic nature of the building” and to make sure the signage is safely attached, Patrick Hannan, spokesperson for the Department of Building Inspection, said last week.

Adding a sign on top of a building also requires a permit, Hannan explained to the Associated Press.

Musk, who acquired Twitter in October 2022 for $44bn, announced the renamed firm would remain in San Francisco despite what he termed the city’s recent “doom spiral, with one company after another left or leaving”.

Musk moved Tesla’s company’s headquarters from California to Texas in 2021. Keeping X in San Francisco could be a good sign for a city that has struggled to bounce back from the pandemic.

“Beautiful San Francisco, though others forsake you, we will always be your friend,” Musk wrote.

Yet not all San Franciscans are keen for Musk’s friendship. People over the weekend recorded video of the giant X glowing, pulsing and strobing, with some criticising its intrusive lights.

This approach, in part, requires the team to “proactively prevent ads from appearing adjacent to content” labeled as violative.

In an update earlier this month, the safety team reported that these labeled tweets “receive 81% less reach or impressions” than non-restricted ones, and that “more than 99.99% of Tweet impressions are from content that does not violate our rules.”

Twitter’s Violent Speech Policy prohibits inciting and glorifying violence, wishing harm on other people, and threatening others. But it makes some exceptions, including for “figures of speech, satire, or artistic expression when the context is expressing a viewpoint rather than instigating actionable violence or harm.”

“We make sure to evaluate and understand the context behind the conversation before taking action,” the policy states, adding that if a user believes their account was wrongfully suspended, they can submit an appeal.

It’s not clear whether West submitted an appeal, or if something else prompted his account’s reactivation. The musician has yet to post on the platform. CNN has reached out to Twitter and a representative for West but has not received a response.

The social media platform did not immediately respond to the Reuters news agency’s request for comment.

The billionaire owner of X, who calls himself a free speech absolutist, had welcomed the return of the rapper to the platform in October after his account was reinstated for the first time.

Musk had previously reinstated former US President Donald Trump’s account after conducting a poll in which some 14.8 million Twitter users had voted, with 51.8 percent voting in favour of the reinstatement. But Trump had said he had no interest in returning to Twitter and would stick with his new platform Truth Social.

West has claimed he lost $2 billion in business deals over his antisemitic rants, including Adidas cutting business ties with him. Kim Kardashian, who is divorced from West, discussed her difficulties in dealing with his hateful remarks on a recent episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians.”

Last week, Musk, who closed the $44 billion deal for Twitter in October 2022, announced that he was renaming the social network X — it’s a letter he really, really likes. The new X app will encompass “audio, video, messaging, payments/banking” and more, according to CEO Linda Yaccarino. As part of the rebranding, Musk last Friday installed a dazzlingly bright “X” sign on top of its San Francisco headquarters.


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