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National Siblings Day is a time to connect with your brothers or sisters and show appreciation for each other every April 10.

The day is primarily popular in North America and is the only holiday during the year carved out for sibling appreciation.

Evart founded the Siblings Day Foundation, a tax-exempt organization that aims to make National Siblings Day into an official U.S. holiday.

“Siblings Day follows the spirit of Mother’s and Father’s Day, an uplifting celebration honoring people who have helped in our development and who have shaped our values, beliefs and ideals,” the foundation’s website states.

Other holidays and observances for April 10, 2023, include National Hug Your Dog Day, Dyngus Day, Easter Monday, Global Work From Home Day, Golfer’s Day, International Safety Pin Day, National Cinnamon Crescent Day and National Farm Animals Day.

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The ice dancing pair won two bronze medals at the 2018 Pyeongchang winter Olympics and has two bronze medals and one silver medal from various World Championships.

According to their website, the ShibSibs were the first ice dancers of Asian descent to medal at the Olympics. Additionally, they are just the second sibling duo in the history of ice dancing to medal.

In December 2022, the siblings were elected to the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

What is National Siblings Day?
Over the last few decades, National Siblings Day has grown in parts of the United States and Canada as a holiday that celebrates the relationship between siblings, similar to other federally recognized traditions such as Mother’s and Father’s Day.

In Europe, a similar version of the holiday is known as Brothers and Sisters Day, which is celebrated on May 31. Typically, this day is celebrated by siblings showing their appreciation for one another by exchanging gifts, going to a special lunch or dinner or spending quality time together.

Outside the Western world, National Siblings Day is also celebrated in India. Proponents of the holiday have petitioned U.S. presidents and the United Nations for decades to recognize National Siblings Day.

Is National Siblings Day the same day every year?
National Siblings Day is celebrated across North America on the same date every year, April 10. The holiday has been celebrated in April for over two decades since it was first established by the foundation in 1995.

The holiday is conveniently set a month before Mother’s Day on May 14 and two months before Father’s Day, which falls on June 18.

Can siblings make you happier?
Yes. Research shows siblings can make children happier.

Even if you might quibble with your siblings now and then, chances are they contribute positively to your long-term happiness. Greater Good Magazine said people with close sibling relationships experience better psychological health and better social relationships.

These relationships can positively impact you later in life if you keep your siblings close. Greater Good Magazine said, “Yet warmer sibling relationships in older adults do seem to help stave off loneliness and depression, and siblings often help each other out when times are tough. This suggests they remain important and are worth nurturing.”

Research in 2019 from University of New Mexico also found positive benefits of having siblings, like better academic achievement and empathy. They said sibling relationships can have a positive impact on mental health because a sibling gives a person someone to talk to during times of anxiety or depression.


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