Lizzo & Jack Black Join Forces for Unexpected ‘The Mandalorian’ Cameo!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

Everyone has a different opinion about what comes first when it’s time for some glam. After skincare, many of us opt for a primer, while others reach straight for foundation. Meanwhile, some people swear by starting with eyeshadow before anything else so they can worry less about glittery fallout. For Lizzo, however, the answer is different!

Ever think about starting with your eyebrows before moving on to the rest of your routine? The “About Damn Time” songstress recently inspired Us to change things up. We instantly recognized her dual-purpose pencil of choice too!

As Season 3 begins to wind down, The Mandalorian is pulling out all the stops to deliver another impactful finale. The latest installment showcased another important step for the Mandalorians to reclaim Mandalore while also expanding the dynamic between Din Djarin and Bo-Katan.

While one of The Mandalorian strengths is bringing back iconic Star Wars to the forefront like Ahsoka and Luke Skywalker, Chapter 22 unveiled a surprising number of celebrity cameos.

Who do Jack Black and Lizzo play on The Mandalorian?
These two play brand new characters in the Star Wars universe — so new that their names aren’t even completely known. Jack Black plays Bombardier, an ex-Imperial facilities planning officer who underwent rehabilitation as part of the New Republic’s Amnesty Program (remember the program Dr. Pershing was placed into?). He was then sent to Plazir-15 where he helped rebuild the planet following Imperial occupation. It’s then and there that he fell in love with the Duchess.

The Duchess is played by groundbreaking, Emmy and Grammy-winning pop star Lizzo — and so far we just know her as “the Duchess.” Maybe she’s Duchess Lizzo. Honestly, that sounds pretty Star Wars-y. She’s a member of the royal family, in love with Bombardier, and she knows that the way to Grogu’s heart is through his stomach.

Delightfully, the trio of famous guest stars even appeared in a scene together as they bickered over the political ramifications of droids. However, an altogether different scene featuring Lizzo bestowing knighthood on the show’s de facto mascot — Grogu, aka Baby Yoda — gave the Twittersphere a particularly strong rush of the Force, er, endorphins.

“‘Baby Yoda gets knighted by Lizzo and Jack Black’ was not on my 2023 bingo card,” one viewer tweeted, while another wrote, “I LOVE THEM” above adorable footage of The Duchess and Grogu waving goodbye to each other.

Disney+ has yet to share how the three surprise cameos came about, but with their appearances, Lizzo, Black and Lloyd join a long line of famous faces to travel to a galaxy far, far away for the sci-fi series, including Jason Sudeikis, Taika Waititi, Timothy Olyphant, John Leguizamo, Adam Pally, Horatio Sanz and Olyphant’s Deadwood co-star W. Earl Brown.


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