Ninja and his request to Epic Games to remove the most broken weapon from Fortnite!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

Tyler “Ninja“Blevins, one of the streamers prominent on the planet, has taken advantage of the introduction of the no-build mode to Fortnite to retransmit the battle royale from Epic Games on a regular basis. His numbers have grown enormously since then, and despite the praise for the title, he has not shied away from giving a critical opinion on any matter.

One of the things that drives Ninja the most is one of the game’s weapons, which he thinks should be removed from the game because of how broken it is. It’s about the Drum Shotgunand it is that in his opinion this serves to inflate the rating of any player.

The Drum Shotgun is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons in Fortnite, capable of crushing any rival in record time. We will have to see if Ninja’s complaints reach Epic Games and they take note.

Ninja, Fortnite story
Ninja figure and Fortnite they will always go hand in hand. The popularity that Former professional Halo gamer and streamer North American reached with the battle royale of Epic Games, very few content creators have achieved it on Twitch. A figure that went beyond his own environment, came to television and the daily lives of Americans, and his signing by mixer It was a revolution in the world of streaming.

After a time away from the game, and far from the impact that his figure had years ago, the exit of the mode without construction he provoked his return on a regular basis. Since then, Ninja’s numbers have risen sharply, and he is once again a reference for many of Ninja’s fans. Fortnite.


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