10-year-old Jeremiah Fennell is football’s newest sports reporter !– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

Jeremiah Fennell, at 10 years old, is the sports world’s newest journalist, and he’s already making headlines.

Appearing on the the “Jennifer Hudson Show” Feb. 10, dressed in a blue button up and light blue tie, Fennell said his journey into sports journalism stemmed from not being able to play sports.

“It all started when I was 4 years old because I was told through my parents that I might not be able to play contact sports because I have a brain defect and detached shoulder bone,” he told Hudson.

However, offering a compromise, Fennell said he played football, basketball and tee-ball for one year. After that, he planned to “hone his craft in journalism and broadcasting.”

“I asked my mom if I could make my own YouTube channel commenting on the Raiders, but she said ‘No’ because they were in California at the time,” he explained.

But once they moved back to Las Vegas, and Fennell continued to get on the honor roll at school, the 10-year-old said his mom finally allowed him to make the video channel in 2020.

“That’s what started it, but what’s really driving me is because I want to make my parents proud at a young age because my mom very much has health issues and my dad is a senior citizen,” Fennell said.

“Most kids think that their parents are going to last forever – for the rest of their childhood, but when I was 5 years old, my almost died,” he continued.

After not seeing his mom for a month, which Fennell described as “the worst 30 days” of his life, the young journalist said he “had a long conversation with God,” saying that if He brought back his mom, he would be the “greatest son that I could ever be.”

After nearly shedding a tear, Hudson asked Fennell his favorite football team, to which he responded, “The Las Vegas Raiders.”

“When I was about 2 years old, I watched my first Raiders game,” he said. “That was my first NFL game I watched and I knew the Raiders would always have a special place in my heart. And I knew I always wanted to be in journalism, so I decided that I wanted to commentate on their games.”

On Jan. 11, the Raiders shared a video on the team’s official Twitter account of Fennell interviewing Davante Adams. After rattling off an impressive list of stats, he asked the Raiders wide receiver for his favorite childhood memory.

“I would say when I was young, maybe about 7 or eight years old, I had the opportunity to meet J.J. Stokes, who was on the San Francisco 49er’s at the time,” Adams said. “And that memory stuck with me because that was the first professional athlete that I met and it was just a great experience.”

The Raiders captioned the video, “Our newest (and cutest) reporter on the job with @tae15adams,” accompanied by a saluting emoji.

The team also surprised him with a trip to the Super Bowl on Feb. 12. On a video the team posted to Instagram, Fennell said he hoped to interview Stefon Diggs and Peyton Manning. “You never know!” he said.

As for his future goals, Fennell has said he wants to be a journalist, a sports broadcaster, an entrepreneur and an investor.


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