30,606 distracted driving violations recorded by Abu Dhabi in 2020 – They need OnMyWay ASAP!

The Abu Dhabi Police have urged motorists to be fully alert and attentive when driving, and to avoid distracting behaviours that can put them and other road users at severe risk. In 2020, the Police reported that it had recorded 30,606 distracted driving violations. These are categorised as dangerous violations that can result in fatalities and severe injuries on the roads. The Police has therefore called upon motorists to focus on the road when driving, and to avoid losing control of the vehicle. In a Post on social media, the Police said many distracted drivers had been found browsing the Net or using social media platforms, making calls, taking pictures, eating, drinking and even doing their make-up. Other drivers who were distracted had been dressing while driving, fiddling with radio controls, and conversing with passengers. Abu Dhabi needs OnMyWay ASAP! The distracted driving trends cannot continue to that extent.

At OnMyWay, our mission is to put an end to distracted driving once and for all. Since our founding in October 2019, we have saved over 142 lives and prevented over 21,000 car crashes – with a mathematical certainty. While we are only in the United States right now, we are working tirelessly to expand globally to help combat the distracted driving problem. We need your help! Saving lives is something we can all get behind. Who wouldn’t want to make an impact in their community? Download OnMyWay now and let’s bring OnMyWay all over the world!


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