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Pirates of the Caribbean is a timeless Disneyland attraction treasured in the hearts of fans everywhere. The ride first opened in 1967 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and was the last ride that Walt Disney was personally involved in designing before his death. The pirate tale was brought from a simple theme park boat ride to the big screen in 2003 by Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer with Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl.

Since then, the Pirates franchise has grown to includes 5 movies, a short film, video games, novels, and a reboot that is currently in the works. Though each movie has its own unique story, there are many ways that they reference the beloved source material of the original Disneyland ride.

5. The Pirate Song
One of the most memorable parts of the Disneyland attraction is the jaunty pirate tune. “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” was originally written by George Bruns, a composer for Disney films, and Xavier Atencio, a Disney Imagineer.

The Curse Of The Black Pearl begins with young Elizabeth Swann singing the classic theme, and later in the movie, Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow sing more of the lyrics as they drunkenly dance around a fire. The song continues to be referenced throughout the films.

4. The Curse
It’s incredible that Disney created an entire plot for a film from a very small piece of the ride. Following the second drop, the attraction glides into Dead Man’s Cove. The cave is full of skeletal pirates, frozen in various mundane activities such as captaining a ship, drinking, or playing chess.

As the boat continues on, there are other skeletons surrounded by gold pieces that would inspire the story for The Curse Of The Black Pearl and the Aztec gold that curses the pirates with a cruel immortality.

3. The House Boat
The ride starts in a dark, quiet bayou surrounded by flickering fireflies, houseboats, and the sound of quiet banjo music. The setting and the rickety houseboat seen at the entrance to the rest of the ride is extremely reminiscent of Tia Dalma’s home in Dead Man’s Chest.

The mystic is eventually revealed to be none other than Calypso, a sea goddess that had fallen in love with Davy Jones.

2. The Dog With The Keys
One of the most iconic moments of the original Disneyland attraction is when the boats pass a jail cell full of prisoners attempting to lure a scruffy dog into dropping his ring of keys in return for a bone. Jack sits in a cell, uninterested in their attempts. “You can keep doing that forever. The dog is never going to move.”

Later, in a desperate moment, Jack himself struggles to coax a prison dog over for his own escape attempt. The dog appears sporadically throughout the first three movies.

1. The Skeleton Drinking Wine
During the ride’s float through a cove full of skeleton pirates, there is a memorable image of some of them having a hearty drink. The wine is visibly seen passing through the skeleton’s body.

The first movie pays homage to the moment with Captain Barbossa stepping out into the moonlight. He takes a long drink from his bottle and it can be seen going down his throat through his rotten, cursed form.


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