As Record Store Day approaches, young people in Casper give vinyl another spin!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

As Record Store Day approaches, young people in Casper give vinyl another spin

Calling all vinyl lovers! April 22 marks the 16th annual “Record Store Day,” a celebration of independently-owned record stores across the world.

Throughout the Tri-State, stores like Shake It Records are preparing for Saturday’s festivities. Shake It, opening at 8 a.m. for Record Store Day, will have live performances from The Montvales and Daniel Wayne to close out its day.

“To the people that enjoy owning the art that they love, in physical form, this is where it’s at,” said Phil Machemer, owner of Revolver Records. “There’s no better way to to have music, and there’s no better way to listen to music, and I think that’s becoming more apparent.”

Machemer and his staff are getting the four Revolver Records locations ready for the annual Record Store Day.

“Record Store Day is a essentially a holiday for indie record shops like ours,” Machemer said. “There are hundreds of new releases that come out on that day, and they’re only available in indie record stores.”

Record Store Day was first held in 2008, and it has grown to over 1,400 stores worldwide.

Buffalo music hall of fame artist George Puleo is participating in his first RSD since opening his Kenmore shop, Apples and Oranges Records & Tapes, last year.

“It’s very exciting, I’m very excited,” Puleo said.

Over 300 new vinyl records are being released on Record Store Day, everything from new Taylor Swift records, and Grateful Dead box sets to a limited release of Macho Man Randy Savage’s underground rap album “Be A Man.”

“The stuff is limited edition, and likely, in some most most cases that will never be pressed again in the exact way that it was released on this day,” Machemer said.

Both Machemer and Puleo agree that the revival of vinyl is not a surprise.

“It’s definitely more about the album, as opposed to the song like digital listening is more track based and playlists, which is awesome,” Machemer said. “It’s the experience of the whole album, you want to own the albums that you love.”

“There’s other ways to listen to music, it never really mattered to me,” Puleo said. “I always wanted to play the record, because the order that the songs are in that’s the way the artist wants you to hear the music, they put them in that order for a reason.”

Nearly all of the 270 or so special releases available Saturday are on vinyl. Record stores often bolster their stock of used and new records and CDs ahead of Record Store Day. Among the few CD releases announced for the event is Pearl Jam’s “Give Way,” a recording of the band’s 1998 show in Melbourne, Australia.

Particularly popular are vinyl releases that are half-speed mastered or 33 rpm releases that are now set to 45 rpm, the slower turn of the turntable allowing for more musical details to hit your ears – delivering a level of sonic fidelity that simply didn’t exist a half-century ago.

For example, one upcoming re-release will be Paul McCartney and Wings’ “Red Rose Speedway,” that iconic band’s first major U.S. release in 1973, which is delivered now as a limited edition half-speed mastered disc.

“Beggars Banquet”: The 1968 album from the Rolling Stones, will be available on 180-gram vinyl, a heavier weight than standard vinyl which translates to greater fidelity. This is also a special pressing on grey, blue, black and white swirled vinyl, a reference to a lyric Mick Jagger sings in “Salt of the Earth.” The album will also come with a reproduction of the window display poster created by the Stones’ UK label Decca in ‘68.

“folklore: the long pond studio sessions” is on tap from Taylor Swift, who served as the day’s ambassador last year. Taylor and her collaborators recorded the Grammy-winning release during the COVID-19 lockdown, but didn’t get to play their work together until Sept. 2020, when the Long Pond Studio Sessions brought together Taylor Swift, Aaron Dessner (The National) and Jack Antonoff (Bleachers) for a live recording and Disney+ documentary.

“The Sound Emporium” is the EP offering from co-ambassadors Isbell and Shires, featuring brand new music that includes a reimagined version of Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit’s “Tour of Duty” as well as a cover of Richard Thompson’s “Beeswing.” Shires also makes the list with a solo EP, “Live At Columbia Studio,” featuring tracks recorded at the legendary Nashville studio in the run up to her critically acclaimed 2022 album, “Take It Like A Man.”

What is RSD?
This is the 16th annual Record Store Day, which is a global celebration of the culture of the record store. Select music is revived for the avid listener, as well as new music from their favorite artists. Stores tend to offer discounts and some even host live performances. It is widely considered the largest single album release day of the year.

RSD 2023 release list includes Taylor Swift, Jason Isbell and more
The release list for Record Store Day 2023 was announced back in February and includes such artists as Record Store Day co-ambassadors and husband-wife tandem Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires, Taylor Swift, Van Halen, Motley Crue, The Rolling Stones, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, RZA, Elton John, The Doors and more.


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