Federal Data Shows Trucking Remains One of America’s Deadliest Jobs – OnMyWay is working to change that!

Trucking remains one of the deadliest occupations, according to the latest federal data on workplace deaths.  More than one of every seven on-the-job deaths occur in heavy-duty trucking, according to the recently released National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.

A variety of factors contribute to the high rate of trucker deaths, said Steve Williams, chief executive of Maverick USA, a Little Rock, Ark., motor carrier and the president of The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security.

“Without a doubt, we recognize that there are too many avoidable injuries and fatalities in the industry. We support the idea to have zero fatalities, and it is a realistic goal,” Williams said.

An important safety factor would be stricter law enforcement and better educational efforts to reduce distracted driving by those operating passenger vehicles. Williams said Maverick drivers looking down from their truck cabs at the traffic surrounding them frequently see light vehicle drivers texting and conducting other tasks besides driving.

That is where OnMyWay comes in! OnMyWay is the #1 distracted driving app in the nation. In just over a year, we have saved over 140 lives and prevented over 21,000 car accidents – with a mathematical certainty. Our job is not done until distracted driving is a thing of the past and the culture on the roads has changed. We need to put an end to these fatalities and what better way than to be incentivized?

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