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Google’s Chrome 94 is looking at an upgrade for its beta, as it would bring a better browser gaming feature for users to enjoy a faster and easier experience. This would empower those who focus on browser-based gaming, as the company tweaks the WebCodecs, WebGPU, and other aspects of the Chromium browser. 

Potentially this could empower the use of cloud and browser-based gaming platforms like Google Stadia, Facebook Gaming, and more. The venture would make it easier for the Chrome 94 browser to run games, and avoid any lags or delays because of the application or software’s capabilities. 

Google has revealed that its Chromium web browser under the code name Chrome 94, is improving its beta features and focusing on delivering the best possible experience for all. The main focus of the Chrome 94 is now on gaming, and it would bring an experience where users would experience nothing but the best from Google.

Significant improvements were made with several features of the browser, including that if the WebCodec, WebGPU, Scheduling APIs, and more. 

Chrome 94 Google’s take to bring back the trust in the browser, something which has been inferior to the Microsoft Edge that has proved to be the faster Chromium browser. The goal of Google has now shifted its focus, as it claims that gaming would be better and easier with its beta browser. 

The Chrome 94 beta is shaping up to be the next big thing from Google, since its popular release of Chrome when it first debuted a faster interface compared to Internet Explorer. Now, gaming on the browser is not a menial small-scale game, as it can potentially run PC-based games directly. 

Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Chrome, speaks at Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, in San Francisco on June 28, 2012.

Chromium is shaping up to be the consideration for a fast web browser, and it is adopted by many internet companies that aim to compete with Google and Microsoft. The feature can potentially stream 4K streaming quality, as well as other high-tech features it would bring. 

The beta browser can give developers better access to a computer’s system, including that of the GPU so that they can tap into it directly to power their games. The feature is not only for users but also for game developers and designers who have also been focusing on web-based gaming. 

When is Chrome 94 Beta Releasing?

The Chrome 94 beta has already been released, but it remains in the testing and development phase as it requires a lot of tweaks before releasing the final build version. For the said public release version, it remains unknown from Google as to when the ETA would be.

The Chromium is a massive venture and change for Google, as it would revamp a new face to the Chrome web browser, something which has not been changed for a lot of time now.


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