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Season 5 of the hit crime drama Snowfall is hitting the small screen on February 23, where Franklin Saint’s journey into the world of crack cocaine distribution will continue. Created by Dave Andron, Eric Amadio, and the late great John Singleton, Snowfall has seen some tremendous success in its nearly five-year run, with both critics and general audiences praising the show’s authentic depiction of 1980s Los Angeles as well as the gripping performance from Damson Idris as Saint himself. In case you’re prepping to take a nose dive into the neon-laced City of Angels, here’s everything you need to know before watching Season 5.

What Is Snowfall About?

In case you’re completely unaware of the series, Snowfall made its debut in 2017 and primarily follows Franklin Saint, a young man trying to make ends meet in the tumultuous landscape of south-central Los Angeles. Saint ultimately finds himself headfirst in LA’s drug underworld, slowly climbing the ranks of this illegal industry and learning more and more about the dangers such a career choice entails. Other characters that play a significant role in the series include grumpy CIA agent Teddy McDonald and disgraced luchador Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata, who also find themselves deeply involved within the criminal enterprise.

Obviously, that’s only a “tip of the iceberg” summary for a show whose characters dramatically evolve and change over the course of several seasons, but it should be enough to give newcomers a sense of how the series starts.

Is Season 5 of Snowfall Available to Stream?

Yes, it is, but there’s a minor catch. Snowfall is an FX production, so the earliest way to watch the show would be when it airs on cable. Perhaps this is due to the creators wanting to immerse their audience as much as possible by having them watch it as if it were the 80s, but most likely this is just due to FX not making an exclusive jump into the world of streaming.

However, those who prefer to stream don’t have to wait long. New episodes of Snowfall will be available on Hulu the day after they air on cable. It’s also worth noting that no additional Hulu extensions are needed and only a basic membership is required to watch the series.

When Will New Episodes of Snowfall Premiere?

The first two episodes of Season 5 will premiere on Wednesday, February 23 at 10 PM Pacific Time on FX. After that, new episodes will be released every Wednesday at the same time until the season finale on April 20. As mentioned, those watching the show through Hulu will have to wait for the following Thursday to start streaming the show.

Are the First Four Seasons of Snowfall on Hulu?

Yes, they are! Seasons 1 through 4 are available right now on Hulu and can be watched with the cheapest available subscription plan (as long as you don’t mind sitting through some ads). Whether you are a newcomer to the series or just want to refresh your memory before the new season starts, Hulu has all your bases covered.

Will There Be a Snowfall Season 6?

At this time, Snowfall has neither been renewed nor canceled by FX. That being said, given that the show has been able to carry a consistent increase in ratings within its five-year run, the prospect of a sudden cancellation would be pretty unlikely. A timeframe for when a renewal decision will happen is also obviously up in the air, but last season the series received a renewal announcement right around Season 4’s halfway point, so fans could very well get a new season announcement sooner rather than later.


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