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Patrick Mahomes: The promising baseball pitcher who became the face of the NFL

He may be on the cusp of a second Super Bowl title and widely regarded as one of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history, but a career in football wasn’t always on the cards for Patrick Mahomes.

Instead, it was baseball, the sport his father played professionally for 11 years, that was his first love. Unsurprisingly, he was pretty good at it.

Old video footage shows a young Mahomes running around stadiums with a baseball glued to his hand, dressed head-to-toe in whichever team’s gear his dad was playing for at the time – from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Mets.

That rare access to the world of elite sport was the foundation for Mahomes to develop into a phenomenal athlete and the ‘Showtime’ superstar he is today.

Before Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes became a defense-destroying, record-shattering football warlock, he was a three-star QB and the 50th ranked player in the state of Texas coming out of high school. He was seen as a raw prospect, who flashed the tantalizing arm strength and creative ability, yet didn’t do enough within the pocket to be considered one of the top QBs in the class.

“Every day giving everything that we have together to go for the ultimate goal, the Super Bowl. Let’s continue to go for that dream this weekend.”

Mahomes completed a record-setting regular season, finishing with 5,614 total yards in passing, rushing and receiving – yes, the all-pro quarterback caught one pass for 6 yards. His total yards surpassed the previous record of 5,562 yards by Drew Brees.

Kickoff for the Super Bowl is at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday. This year’s Super Bowl will be historic: it will be the first Super Bowl featuring two Black starting quarterbacks.

Mahomes won the award at the annual NFL awards ceremony. Other notable winners included Brian Daboll of the New York Giants as the coach of the year, and Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks as the Comeback Player of the Year.

The Evaluation Process and what we learned

Throughout the evaluation of Mahomes in the draft process, a lot of buzzwords were used. “Has to operate within the pocket”, “undisciplined and inconsistent footwork” and “has to adjust to calling plays in the huddle”. While these are valid criticisms, it’s also serves as an important landmark in QB evaluation and process. What we learned from the draft process of Patrick Mahomes is that sometimes, doing the prototypical dropback passing isn’t enough in the NFL. Being able to create under pressure and make something out of nothing has become extremely important, and Mahomes sort of ushered in that thinking with his play.

“Ryan Leaf, Brandon Weeden, E.J. Manuel, and Josh Freeman were robo-quarterbacks with the physical dimensions and technical specifications that an assembly line would have been proud to build. Their failures weren’t inaccurately conflated with their style of play because conventional decision-making – even when incorrect earns a lesser punishment than creative decision-making that fails.”

“On that note, I’d argue in Weeden and Manuel’s cases (the other two went the path of Manziel) that their failures to sustain starting jobs were due to a lack of productive creativity within a traditional passing strategy. Another way of saying it? They weren’t aware, intuitive players.”


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