San Antonians welcome a new year and new hope on the first day of spring!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

Well, we are expecting a high of 70 today but it is still very chilly in the morning! Make sure to bundle up!

We did track a few sprinkles this morning! We could see a few more in the evening but don’t expect any heavy rain.

Very cloudy skies for today and unfortunately those winds will continue for the next 3 days before a cold front moves in Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

“The Persian New Year is celebrated with the first day of spring,” she explained. “It’s an ancient custom that goes back to the time of the Zoroastrians in Iran and ancient Persia. And not just Persians. Iranians celebrate this New Year, which we call Nowruz.”

Panah said that Iranians and many others have celebrated the new year like this for more than 3,000 years — and it’s not celebrated on a single day.

“For 13 days we celebrate this New Year. And we’re supposed to be with loved ones and put aside all differences,” she said. “We’re supposed to embrace each other and just enjoy spring and this beautiful rebirth of the season and new beginnings.”

What happens on the vernal equinox?
During the March equinox, the sun’s direct rays cross Earth’s equator into the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the first day of astronomical spring in North America, Europe and Asia, while in the Southern Hemisphere, summer is transitioning to autumn.

The reason we have equinoxes and seasons is because we don’t orbit the sun completely upright. Because Earth is tilted on its axis by about 23.5 degrees, the Northern and Southern hemispheres receive different amounts of sunlight throughout the year. On the spring and autumnal equinoxes, however, both hemispheres receive equal amounts of the sun’s energy. As a result, day and night are nearly equal everywhere on Earth.


For those north of the equator, daylight will keep stretching longer— with earlier sunrises and later sunsets — until the summer solstice in June. The new season signals warmer weather, budding plants and migrating animals.

The Southern Hemisphere will see the opposite: Days will keep getting shorter as this half of the planet heads out of summer and into autumn.

According to the U.S. government’s national outlook for the season, this spring is expected to bring wet weather that will continue to ease drought conditions in the western parts of the country. Melting snowpack may also bring flood risks in the Midwest.

Much of the southern and eastern U.S. may see warmer than usual temperatures this spring, while parts of the Great Basin and northern Plains will likely be chillier than average.


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