San Francisco 49ers lose home opener to Green Bay Packers by two points

One by one, the 49ers took to the media podium with a glum expression, soft tones and sighs of resignation after losing 30-28 Sunday night to the Green Bay Packers.

Here is what they had to say:


On the final drive and time management:

“You’re always conscious of it. There’s a lot going on, but game clock, you try to get it as low as you can. With a guy like Aaron, you never know what can happen with 30 seconds or so. You tip your hat.

“We were in a good rhythm. You toe the line. You’ve got the defense on their heels. Do you let them catch their breath? When a guy makes a play like that, you’re not going to be upset for scoring.”

On backward-pass fumble:

“We were trying to run a screen pass. Running back got caught in the line. Got caught throwing it. Guy hit my arm. Unfortunate call by the refs as a fumble.”

On run-game woes:

“We had ways of getting passes basically like runs. We didn’t get into a rhythm offensively, not converting early third downs. The time of possession was in their favor early, and that puts your defense in tough position. We battled back in the end but you don’t want to be in that situation you started with.”

On if he thinks of the Trey Lance rotation while on field:

“I’ve got a lot in my mind out there. We have nice packages with Trey and worked out well when we got him in there tonight.”

On Packers’ defense:

“They mixed it up a little. Wasn’t anything we werewnt’r ready. We knew we were going to have to earn it. The big play was hard to get tonight. In the second half, you saw guys fighting hard and that’s what you want to see.”

On interception:

“It looked from the replay he made a hell of a play. Ball felt good coming off my hand. Didn’t get to see it, getting hit. Nice play by that guy.”

On Kyle Juszczyzk:

“He played a hell of a game. Was asked to do a lot tonight he wasn’t used to. It’s the nfl, every week is going to be difficult, but you have to love it.”


On his go-ahead touchdown and the time left:

“I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it. The entire team was swarming me and I didn’t know how much time was left. It wasn’t on my mind during the play. We were down 6 and needed a touchdown.”

On his touchdown catch-and-run:

“I was definitely thinking, let’s try and score a touchdown.’ We did a good job after we got past midfield of slowing the tempo and realizing it wasn’t the usual two-minute situation. We did a good job getting it down to like 30 seconds. Hat’s off to them. They had a couple big plays and that’s all it takes some times.”

On running game:

“They had a good plan for us and did a good job. We’re usually setting the edge on offense and they had a good plan shutting that down and made plays on the inside, with penetration making guys bounce.”

On Packers practicing against this style:

“Maybe that had something to do with it. Even though they ‘run the same offense,’ we run it very differently. They play a little two-back but not nearly as much as us.”

On his heavier role:

“For a certain amount, yes,  I knew I’d get more opportunities because we were so thin at running back and had to change things up to keep (the Packers) on their toes. I didn’t know it would come down to the last plays of the game.”

On multiple players:

“We have so many guys that can do things once they get the ball in their hands. We don’t have to run a classic offense, with a classic halfback. If we can find them a way to get them the ball, we can do special things.”

On potential win:

“It would have been a really big win. Green Bay’s a good team, been to the NFC Championship (two) times in a row. Being down 17-0 and in prime time, would have been big win. We’re not completely crushed here. It’s early in the season, we showed we can battle, down 17-0 and didn’t blink.

“We saw it last week all the momentum was with Philly, then one big play from Deebo and we’re ahead at halftime. The NFL is crazy. Sometimes it’s good to have experience in close games and having guys feel that, young guys who get the experience. I always look at the positive and feel we’ll come back better for this.”


On his touchdown run:

It feels good obviously playing behind trent, and our offensive line made it really easy.

On if he expected that use:

“No, it’s the same as last week and week before. We practice it, but there’s no rhyme or reason. Well, there is rhyme and reason. I stay ready.”

On staying close to Kyle in situations:

“No, through the game, I stay by the tight ends and my quarterback coach as guys sub in or out. I have no idea when I get in the game. My job is to stay ready.”

On Garoppolo’s backward pass, then drives the length of the field, what did that show you

“Jimmy’s a super resilient dude. He showed that today and fought through a lot. A lot of guys kept us in that game. Right now, I’m trying to embrace my role and learn as much as I can. Jimmy’s a great dude.”

On Rodgers’ final drive

“I had a lot of confidence in our defense and will continue to. He’s special and has led some big plays.

On getting thrust into situation:

“ I do everything I can to be prepared so when I go into those sistuations, I’m ready and that’s what they’re prepared for me to do.”


On leaving too much time for the Packers’ comeback:

“You always worry with Aaron on the other side. That’s why we didn’t take any timeouts. We were hoping to take (the clock) down. But it was a hell of an effort by Juice to get in.”

On the Juszczyk touchdown play call:

“He hit the last guy in the progression with the checkdown. Juice made a hell of an effort after the catch.”

On his message to the team at halftime:

“We had to play a lot better. I was pumped how the special teams kind of changed that and us scoring right before half. Then starting with the ball for the second half to set the tone, get a score and get this game back within reach, and they did that.”

On Juszczyk as a lead back:

“We didn’t use him as our lead back. He got a few runs.”

On why not using Sermon more:

“We tried to use everybody today. Trey had 10 carries, Juice had four.”

On Garoppolo slow start, nice finish, fumble:

“I thought Jimmy played real well tonight. The fumble there, there was a screen, he led through way too early. It was a play-action screen. Right when he turned around it looked like 97 was in his face, he tried to get rid of it and threw it backward.”

On Garoppolo’s interception:

“It was a good route by George. He got by the front-side safety. It was a hell of a ball when it left, and then the backside corner came out of nowhere and made an unbelievable play on it.”

On how he decides to put in Lance:

“It’s just like any other play. It has to do with the down and distance and situation. It’s not like you’re making subs to change everything. You’re bringing him in to run a specific play, and you wait until you feel like running that play.”

On wanting to put in Trey more to run:

“Not really. They have to play it a certain way to run. You’re not going to just play him like a running back. That doesn’t change anything.”

On his takeaway on what it tells him about his team:

“We’ve got to play a lot better than we did. Just the mistakes we made, especially early and on third downs in critical situations. Getting back in there at the end shows what players we have on this team and there were great individual efforts of guys making unbelievable plays. But some mistakes we made, you don’t win a lot of football doing that.”

On three PIs:

“Some I disagreed with, some I realized they were going to call, and stuff we hope for too on our side.”

On penalties:

“You just deal with it and have to live with it. We’ve had to deal with them a long time.”

On quick exchange with Matt LaFleur postgame:

“I was just (upset) about the game ending on the last play, and wasn’t trying to hang out too long in the middle of the field.”

On cornerback depth and defensive adjustment:

“As any play caller, when you lose guys, it affects every call. You also have to try to win the game. You have to pick and choose when to take chances and when to be safe. When you lose corners, it affects everything.”

On any road-trip hangover:

“Not at all. Our guys were geeked up, moving fine. We just have to execute a little better.”

On Trenton Cannon’s kick return:

“That was awesome. He’s done a good job for us inthese two weeks. That was a big-time play we needed it the most.”

On Adams’ return:

“I was surprised how quickly it was.”

On if he gives Lance advance notice on series:

“Nope. That’s why it’s just plays we’re running. It’s not like you’re subbing someone. You’re just putting someone in to run a different play. You usually don’t know when you’re going to run that play until the situation, based on down, distance and where you’re going. That’s why he’s always there ready to sub in next to the other running backs, tight ends and receivers.”

On running backs not getting carries beside Sermon:

“A lot of guys don’t get carries if no one gets hurt in a game. We mixed it up with a bunch of carries with a number of guys, George, Deebo, Trey and Juice. It was nothing against those guys.”

More comfortable with them carrying the ball than the newer guys?

“Not necessarily. It was just the game plan we used today. We would have been fine with them going in today. Sometimes you want to give the ball to receivers and tight ends.”


On what they said final drive:

“Obiviously we’re telling each other we’ve got to win this game and it’s all on us. We take it one play at a time and obviously didn’t get it done.

On how close he was to a pass breakup on last drive:

“That’s what stings the most, knowing I could have sealed the game on that one play. I’ll look to see how I could have played it better. There are a few plays I want back from that game.”

On how to recover from this:

“We talk about 24-hour rule, look at yourself ahrd and see how you can get better. I need to make plays for this team, especially in that moment. If you want to point fingers, point them at me.”

On not much pressure on Rodgers:

“Early on he was getting gthrows completed or getting PI calls. They stayed on schedule the whole game. We didn’t get upfield enough.”


On the overall mindset of rallying, then losing:

“Not too good. We had plenty of opportunities as a defense to close it out, so, it’s tough.”

On overall fallout:

“It’s tough but week to week. We have a lot more football and if we go where we want to go, we have to shake it off quick.

On blocking:

“They tried to rely on their players in 2019. This game, they definitely kept guys in to double and chip a lot.”

On defense only getting one sack:

“Obviously they didn’t want it to go like it went in 2019. They made adjustments and didn’t give us as many opportunities. We did have opportunities and just didn’t capitalize.”

On throws to Adams:

“Just keep rolling, get them into third-and-longs where he has to hold it. Just have to reset.”

On getting double teamed:

“We definitely prepared for chips and need to do a better job counteracting those.”


On Juszcyk’s TD with time left on clock:

I was just celebrating the moment. Hell of a play by Juice, breaking two tackles and getting the ball in the end zone. If there’s too much time on the clock, there always is with Aaron Rodgers. I don’t have any worreies when our defense is on the field. It’s Aaron Rodgers, Adams, play makers, and did what they had to do to win.”

On offensive woes:

“I trust coach Shanahan and Mike McDaniel to avoid that next time. A lot of defenses will try to do that (Packers) scheme.”

On 24-hour rule:

“Have to. Riding the high of a win or mourn a loss, have to flush it after 24 hours. We have to focus on the seahawks because they’re going to bring it, after a loss, too.”

On Deebo Samuel:

“Physical wide receiver. He’s going to do everything he can to get YAC. Deebo’s grown. He’s added to his route tree. He did a great job attacking the ball, like that last third down. You need guys making plays like that to win games on Sunday night football. We have a really good offense. Couldn’t get our momentum going.

On Juszczyk:

“Heck of football player. Works his tail off. Never complains. Gets the ball when he gets the ball. Excited he got that opportunity because he deserves it.”


On the Packers’ comeback:

“Shout out to them. They made plays. Adams made plays. Aaron Rodgers was being Aaron Rodgers. Shout out to their coach, too.”

On 49ers defensive backs:

“We could have done better. But I’m proud of my guys. We just finished short.

On his hit on Adams:

“Yeah, I know how to hit pretty good. I led with my shoulder. There was no flag. I always lead with my shoulder. Bang-bang play. I’m glad there was no flag. Shout out to the refs.”

On surprise of Adams’ return?
“No he’s a competitor. I’m happy it wasn’t a serious injury. He helped close out the game for them. Proud of that guy.”

What did coach Shanahan say afterward?

“On to the next. It’s a long season. Tough loss. There’s a lot of plays we could have cleaned up and done better. We have to go into the film room, try to correct mistakes and get a win next week.”

On cornerback changes:

“We didn’t have too much of a problem (with the communication). It’s football. It’s hard to be perfect.”

On Packers early scores and halftime adjustments:

“We just got tighter coverage, tried to mix up stuff, disguise more. Aaron Rodgers is a smart quarterback, been doing it a long time.”

On cornerback injuries:

“Who knows, I’m always on standby if something like that happens. I’m glad it didn’t happen and I got to stay in my natural position.”


On how he did:

“I feel I did ok and can definitely be better in lot of areas.”

On early struggles

“We had some different looks but it really comes down to us. As a whole on offense, we can be better, and I can be better reading my blocks, pressing it.”

On Week 1 benching:
“I didn’t know what to expect but was ready to go if my number was called. I control what I can control.”

On adjustments:

“Just play our game and get back to what we do best. We had to get the run game moving and I felt we were doing that.”

On being inactive week 1

“I just have to come to work every day and try to get better. I control what I can control. As long as I’m getting better and getting more comfortable, the sky’s the limit.”

On concussion last game:

“It was pretty frustrating. Felt good going in and then that happened. I knew I’d be alright and able to play again.”

On what he learned this game:

“Just continue to stay locked in and just finish. It’s all about who’s doing the right thing longer. As far as me playing the game and being efficient, the more I learn and get better, myself and the team will be better.”


On how he felt today with more action:

“Going into every game, I know my assignment. It was no different than any other week. I control what I can control.”

On how he handled the past couple weeks with fewer snaps:

“Going back to work this week. Watch tape the next 24 hours, move on and try to get better.”

On being down 17-0:

“Just knowing we needed to put together drives, third downs, don’t give the ball back to Aaron Rodgers.”

On pressure of having to score:

“We had no choice. We had players make plays on offense and we have to do that. We knew what we had to do.”

On giving Rodgers time left:

“I mean, you know, the game’s not over with that quarterback. I wouldn’t say a bad feeling, until now. Like I said, Aaron Rodgers.”

On blocking improvement:

“Definitely, that was a big thing they wanted to see.”

On uncertainty when Lance comes in:

“I don’t think it affects us at all. Every receiver and quarterback through camp and practice, we had great chemistry with both quarterbacks. When trey comes in, I don’t think it’s any different with any receiver.”


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