‘Santa Clause’ Series Starring Tim Allen Ordered at Disney Plus!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

“The Santa Clause” franchise is being continued as a limited series at Disney Plus with Tim Allen returning to star as Scott Calvin.

The footage from the forthcoming limited series based on the Santa Clause film franchise dropped Saturday at Disney’s D23 event in Anaheim, California. Ahead of the project’s Nov. 16 launch, the spot catches viewers up with Tim Allen’s character Scott Calvin, better known as Santa Claus, who has turned 65 and decided to find someone to replace him in the all-important job as he focuses on enjoying some downtime.

“For the good of Christmas, for the good of my family, I, Santa Claus, have decided to retire,” Allen tells the elves in the trailer. After seeing their devastated reactions, Allen quips, “We have a grief counselor, right?”

The footage shows Allen interviewing potential replacements, including Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. Upon learning that he has landed an interview to become Santa, Manning references former rival Tom Brady by exclaiming, “Yes! Can’t wait to rub this in Brady’s face.”

Allen attended D23 to introduce the trailer for the show, which is a continuation of the movie series that launched in 1994 with the original The Santa Clause and last hit the big screen with 2006’s The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. “Dropped the first tease for the new Santa series here at a big event in Anaheim near Disney,” Allen tweeted. “Got up onstage and surprised the crowd with it.”

Among the cast members featured in the footage is David Krumholtz as Bernard, Santa’s former lead elf. Krumholtz, who has previously spoken out about his absence from the third film, took to Instagram to celebrate his return to the franchise by posting a still of himself with the caption, “Miss me?”

The cast includes Elizabeth Mitchell, Kal Penn and Eric Lloyd. Allen executive produces, alongside showrunner Jack Burditt, Kevin Hench, Richard Baker and Rick Messina.

Actress Matilda Lawler, who plays The North Pole’s operations leader Betty, reiterated Devin’s points about Tim, saying, “I wasn’t really sure what to expect at first because I know how funny he is on-screen, but he’s just as funny off-screen. He’s really just a joy to be around. He always brings a good mood to set.”

Actor Devin Bright, who plays Santa’s right-hand man Noel in The Santa Clauses, says of Tim, “He’s always super funny. He makes jokes off-camera – he’s just as funny off-camera as he is on-camera, but he can also like flip that switch as soon as the cameras start rolling and get to his character. Then also just learning from him – how he operates and thinks how scenes work. Learning how he cares for the stories and wants to make sure everything makes sense is really cool.”

“Working with Tim always makes my stomach hurt because he makes me laugh,” Elizabeth reveals. “At the same time, I trust and love Tim and getting to be with him, getting to be with his daughter because Elizabeth was there. Jane was with us most days, Tim’s wife – so heaven! Had the best time with them.”

Kal Penn joins the Santa universe as the not-so-nice-list big business executive Simon and expressed to me his enthusiasm to get to work with Tim. “Obviously, I’m a huge Tim Allen fan,” Kal continues. “Same with Elizabeth Mitchell. I think the first Santa Clause movie came out when I was in high school, so that quickly got added to the rotation of classic Christmas films. The nerdy kid in me was like ‘I can’t believe I get to be part of the continuation of this.’ It’s not a replacement or a remake – it’s the continuation of those iconic films, so super excited about that.”


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