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Fact Check: Is Ja Morant suspended for 50 games? Debunking discipline rumors on Memphis' superstar

Ja Morant has been making headlines recently but for all the wrong reasons. The Grizzlies superstar has been caught brandishing a gun on two separate occasions. The first time was at a nightclub which saw the NBA suspend him for eight games. And now, he was recently caught again on a friend’s Instagram Live. It certainly isn’t a good look for Ja who is in desperate need of advice as his $33,500,000 salary hangs in the balance. Well, on a recent episode of Club Shay Shay, Dwyane Wade stepped up and gave his two cents.

His two separate gun-slinging occasions aside, Ja was also accused of threatening a teenager with a gun. But, that’s not all, he even threatened a mall security guard when his mother got into an altercation. It’s clear to see that Ja has a problem, and it’s safe to say that he has had an incredibly tough season. Now, all he can do is wait for the NBA’s and Adam Silver’s verdict about his future.

This is something that cannot be said about Ja Morant. The Memphis Grizzlies star finds himself in hot water, as Adam Silver and the NBA prepare to dole out punishment following the 23-year-old’s most recent gun-related incident. And, with all that is going on, people have been chiming in to share their opinions.

Recently, Wade appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, Club Shay Shay where he commented on Ja’s situation. He empathized with the Grizzlies star stating that everyone makes mistakes. And, while there should be some form of punishment, he believes that the NBA can’t her rid of Ja Morant.

The FS1 host shared Wayne’s apparent side of the story on the “Skip Bayless Show” podcast this week … saying the “Kant Nobody” M.C.’s personal experiences influenced his decision to reach out to the All-Star guard.

According to Skip, Wayne reminisced on his own time spent on Rikers Island for gun possession and made it known he didn’t want Ja to end up in the same cell.

Merely speculation here, but I’m assuming he’s going to be suspended for no less than 30 games. I’ve seen anywhere from 20 games to an entire season, but knowing that he already received an eight-game suspension for his off-the-court antics, the next one will be more significant. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver waited until the conclusion of the NBA Finals to announce Morant’s suspension, so we should know any day now.

Morant’s draft value is contingent on the number of games he’ll miss. He’s likely to fall in drafts this offseason, especially once the suspension details are announced. But don’t overdraft him because of his name or the highlight-reel plays he makes. While he still offers a lot for fantasy managers needing points, rebounds and assists from the guard spot, he’s only finished inside the top 50 once in his four-year career. He finished 80th in per-game value last season, and his high turnover rate and middling free-throw percentage continue to bring down his viability in fantasy.

Further checking the events following the 2023 NBA Finals, Silver only addressed the champions while he had the microphone. The commissioner didn’t address anything regarding Morant and his potential suspension for the next season. However, many believe that the NBA will announce the punishment before the 2023 NBA Draft.

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Weeks later, he made the same mistake as he went live on Instagram with his friend and he was seen taunting with a firearm in his hand. The two were inside the car, listening to music. Following that, Morant’s camp stated that the two-time All-Star was playing with a toy gun at the time.

As people await the announcement of his suspension, Shannon Sharpe talked about what he wants to see from Morant moving forward.


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