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Spoiler alert! The following contains details from the Dec. 8 episode of “The Masked Singer,” including the identity of the unmasked celebrity.

Banana Split’s time on “The Masked Singer” ends without a cherry on top.

The duo’s hopes of taking home the gilded trophy melted away Wednesday during the Group B finals in the singing competition as the pair were overtaken by the Queen of Hearts, a powerhouse vocalist with an ability to sing with as much heart as her over-sized costume allows.

Just like last week’s Group A Finals, the two Group B contestants remaining performed on their own and with another celebrity. This week, the show pulled from its musically inclined panel tapping in Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke.

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After Banana Split’s sunny rendition of Arthur Freed’s “Singin’ in the Rain,” the challengers were joined by Thicke for the upbeat “Don’t You Worry ’bout a Thing” by Stevie Wonder.

Before Scherzinger joined Queen of Hearts onstage, the contestant’s performance of Sia’s “Bird Set Free” moved the panelist to tears. Together, the Pussycat Dolls frontwoman and the masked celebrity put their own spin on Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

Queen of Hearts’ vocals and fandom were enough to carry her to next week’s season finale. Meanwhile, the stars inside the Banana Split costume had to …well, split.

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But before packing their bags and unmasking, the incognito stars heard the panel’s first impressions and final guesses.

What two celebrities were inside the Banana Split costume?

Thicke traded his initial instinct of “Jennifer Nettles and that other guy” for OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and “Bleeding Love” singer Leona Lewis. Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Scherzinger all originally guessed that married musical couple Katharine McPhee and David Foster were inside the costumes and stuck with their gut instincts.

As it turned out, much to Thicke’s surprise, the majority of the panel was right.

“We bow down, we are not worthy,” host Nick Cannon said to the married couple, as the rest of the panel cheered. “To have you guys on our stage is an honor. What was it like being Banana Split?”

“You literally feel like you’re a part of some weird circus act,” McPhee said.

Foster added: “I don’t have the pleasure of knowing Ken (Jeong) though I’m a huge fan. But the other three I know and so it was kind of thrilling to try and fool them but we didn’t really fool them.”

Earlier in the show, Thick playfully disregarded the theory that Banana Split could be McPhee and Foster.

“When I was born, David Foster and my father (late “Growing Pains” star Alan Thicke) were best friends,” Thicke said. “Let me tell you why that’s not Uncle Dave: Because Uncle Dave is so proud of himself and his work, he would never come on this show as a banana! He’d come on as a yacht, or a helicopter, killer whale – or something!”

Episodes of “The Masked Singer” can be viewed on Fox’s website.

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