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Pop-rock superstar Adam Lambert knows his way around a good cover. And on Tuesday (Dec. 13), the singer continued the trend with his latest ode to some ’80s rock icons.

Lambert unveiled his cover of Duran Duran‘s 1993 hit single “Ordinary World,” in which the American Idol alum slows the track down to create am almost eerie version of the grief-stricken original track. Backed up by a smooth piano and some orchestral strings, Lambert carefully croons out the aching lyrics of the track, never going as far as emulating Simon Le Bon’s signature vocal, but paying homage all the same. Lambert is set to debut his live rendition of the song on Wednesday’s season 22 finale of The Voice.

The singer also announced that the new track was just a taste of what fans could expect off of his forthcoming sixth studio album, High Drama. Due out on Feb. 24 via BMG, the album is set to show off Lambert’s skillset as a cover artist, as he delivers his own versions of songs such as Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero,” Sia’s “Chandelier,” Billie Eilish’s “Getting Older” and many more.

This is not the first song off of the upcoming project that Lambert has shared. Back in October, he released his rendition of the Noël Coward classic “Mad About the Boy” in tandem with a new documentary about the famed playwright and director, Mad About the Boy — The Noël Coward Story. Lambert’s version will appear as the final track on his new album.

The Season 22 Winner Is Crowned In Nail-Biting Finale

After weeks and weeks of hard-fought competition, The Voice is crowning a new champion. The top 5 contestants have wowed us with terrific performances, but only one can walk away the winner. So, who won The Voice season 22? It all came down to Bodie, Morgan Myles, Brayden Lape, Omar Jose Cardona, and Bryce Leatherwood.

 Bryce won The Voice season 22

Bryce’s The Voice journey started out in the Blind Auditions. performed a terrific rendition of “Goodbye Time” by Conway Twitty for his Blind Audition. Blake Shelton was the first to turn his red chair, followed by Gwen Stefani and John Legend. Blake said he was “blown away” by Bryce’s performance. “You sounded fantastic. I heard the richness in your voice,” John told the singer. Understandably, Bryce ended up picking Blake as his coach.

Bryce has since fully embraced his country roots with covers of songs by George Strait, Zac Brown Band, and more. He also won the Instant Save during one round of live eliminations. He faced off against Bodie, Brayden Lape, Morgan Myles, and Omar Jose Cardona in the season 22 finale, but he ultimately emerged victorious.

Bryce is thankful that Blake Shelton is his mentor.

“I believe as a mentor, it doesn’t get much better than Blake Shelton,” Bryce told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY after the top 10 live shows. “He’s earned his stripes. He’s just a great guy. He brings it down home, so you don’t have to look at him like he’s this big, tall figure. That means a lot. He gets right down to your level and makes you feel at home.”

Ahead of the finale results, Bryce revealed the best advice he’s gotten from his coach. “Blake’s always said, ‘Be yourself and carry that presence with you on stage and really just have fun. Don’t take it so seriously. You’re here because you’ve done this for your whole life, and this is what you were born to do.’ Basically, I think Blake’s biggest piece of advice that I’ll carry with me is to be myself and be nothing else. I’m so happy to be on Team Blake,” Bryce told reporters, including HollywoodLife.

Bryce showed off his vocal range in his finale performances.

Bryce wowed with his performances of Travis Tritt’s “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” and Keith Whitley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes.” Blake admitted during the show that if Bryce doesn’t win The Voice, he’s still “won a career” in music.

“I want to show more vocal range,” he told HollywoodLife ahead of the finale. “Country songs are a little different, but I’d love to sing something out of my genre if I got the opportunity to or something. A little bit more range so I can squeal and belt like all these incredible singers like I wish I could do all the time. I don’t know, just something different to throw a curveball again.”

Bryce is currently finishing up college.

Bryce is in his final year at Georgia Southern University, according to his NBC bio. He is completing a degree in business. He hopes to eventually manage his music career with help from his degree.

Bryce hails from Georgia.

Bryce is from Woodstock, Georgia. He currently lives in Statesboro, Georgia. He’s gotten his experience on stage performing in the college bar scene in Georgia.


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