Titusville sees little to no damage from Tornado Warning Friday !– OnMyWay Mobile App User News


Wet roads and puddles are all that remain from Friday’s tornado warning in Crawford County. This is nothing compared to what Titusville looked like in mid-July: streets closed and water-logged by inches of rain and several businesses forced to close for clean-up.

Severe weather did pass over Titusville Friday, but this area usually gets hit pretty hard, when it comes to tornadoes and rain, with flooding. We spoke with the Titusville Fire Department on how to keep yourself safe when severe weather escalates.

We caught up with the assistant fire chief, Troy Frazier, in Titusville. He says Friday’s weather was smooth sailing for the department. “No rain. No wind. No hail. It got a little bit cloudy, and that was it,” Frazier said.

There are protocols in place for if weather worsens. “If we escalate to a warning and something’s actually been spotted, and Crawford County tells us they’ve spotted tornado activity or a major weather event, we have a siren here on our station that we’re able to trip from our department that warns the community,” said Frazier.

No sirens on Friday, but if they do sound the alarm, that’s your cue to get somewhere safe “If things really get to moving and blowing, seek shelter and find a place away from windows or a basement– somewhere you can stay safe,” he said.


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