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Why is Shannon Sharpe leaving ‘Undisputed’? The backstory with co-host Skip Bayless

Rumors abounded that McCoy, who spent time playing with the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would be replacing him soon after reports surfaced that Sharpe’s time was done.

Former Ravens tight end and Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe has made quite the name for himself in the televised sports media realm. But on Tuesday, he closed the most recent chapter of his television career, as he officially said goodbye to Fox Sports 1’s Undisputed.

It was an emotional farewell that ended the final episode for Sharpe, who didn’t address any reported issues with co-host Skip Bayless. After the announcement of his departure, Sharpe took to Twitter to possibly shed some light on the reason for his leaving, but not by tweeting directly. Sharpe “liked” a number of tweets that shed some light on the turmoil between him and his co-host Bayless. He then “liked” another tweet that contained a full-on frontal assault on Bayless.

Sharpe clicked the little heart on a tweet from Dan Clark, a baseball writer with more than 50,000 followers: “Shannon Sharpe has outgrown Skip Bayless. He is far superior. He has a wonderfully bright future ahead. Bayless, meanwhile, won’t find another partner. His career will nosedive because he is a piece of shit.”

“I want to thank you for never taking a sick day,” Bayless said. “I wanna thank you for preparing as hard as you could every single day for every single topic. I wanna thank you for competing as hard as you did. The greatest compliment I can give you is you were a worthy adversary. I wanna thank you and tell you I love you for everything you have done for me. I’m gonna miss our Diet Dew bets, our LeBron battles, our Cowboy arguments. In the end, you made possible a very special time in my career. I look forward to your next great achievement, but tonight I will toast you with a Diet Mountain Dew.”

“Skip Bayless, you fought for me. I’m here because of you. You’ve allowed me to share the stage with you. You allow me to share the platform,” the Chicago native said. “The opportunity that you gave me, to become what I became, I’m forever indebted to you. I’ll never forget what you did for me. You’ve helped me grow more than you ever know.”

After Sharpe’s almost eight-minute heartfelt speech, Bayless gave the 54-year-old his flowers, saying, “When I first took this job back in June of 2016, we had a whole other format in mind. When it came clear Shannon Sharpe is available and I said I believe he can do this, and did you ever.” He continued, “I want to thank you for dedicating yourself to this job. It is a voracious beast of a show. Day after day after day, you dedicated yourself to this job just the way you dedicated yourself to professional football Hall of Famer.

He concluded, “I want to thank you for never taking a sick day. I want to thank you for preparing as hard as you could every single day, every single topic. I want to thank you for competing as long as you competed with me because the greatest compliment I can give you is you were a worthy adversary.”

But why did Shannon Sharpe leave “Undisputed”?
Sharpe’s exit from the show occurred within two weeks of the report by the New York Post that he had reached a buyout agreement with Fox Sports. His final appearance on the show was scheduled to be after the NBA Finals.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is officially my last day at work. After seven years, the train stops with Shannon Sharpe and ‘Undisputed’ right here.” Said Sharpe on air as he said farewell to everyone on the show.


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