Widespread wind damage reported after supercell thunderstorm rips through Chicago area!– OnMyWay Mobile App User News

A supercell thunderstorm ripped through the Chicago area Monday evening, leaving a trail of wind damage that stretched from the far northwest suburbs to Indiana.

The storm traveled over 100 miles, slamming the northwest suburbs before it dove south, roaring through the city and maintaining its strength as it barreled through northwest Indiana.

The storm prompted tornado warnings to be issued across northern Illinois and Indiana. Widespread wind damage has been reported, but so far, no tornado touchdowns have been confirmed.

In west suburban Bellwood, village officials said a microburst ripped off the roof of a multi-unit apartment building near 24th and Washington. It happened around 7 p.m., just as families were sitting down to dinner.

“We just heard people screaming that the roof was off, get out, get out,” resident Larhonda Neal said.

Village officials said one resident, a young woman, was taken to the hospital after she was hit by falling debris, but is expected to be okay.

In the northwest suburbs, one of the oldest trees in Roselle gave way to the sudden strong winds. A favorable direction spared the village mayor’s own home.

“I was at village hall, got a lot of calls from my wife,” Mayor David Pileski said. “She was in our basement with our 1-year-old. We’re just grateful it fell away from the house.”

The spontaneous clean-up crew wandered up as soon as it was safe to step outside.

“I live two houses down, that’s what neighbors do,” Joe Kightlinger said. “Roselle, they take care of each other.

Travelers took cover as 84 MPH winds whipped outside O’Hare International Airport and all arriving and departing flights ground to a halt. Throngs of people looking for shelter scrambled to the airport’s lowest level.

And with good reason. The high winds flipped over several planes at nearby Schaumburg Regional Airport. And a single lightning strike ignited a fire at a north suburban Northbrook home.

Several Metra lines temporarily suspended service as the storm blew through. And as of 10 p.m., ComEd reported over 33,000 are without power due to the storm, down from a height of 88,000.

ComEd said 600 workers are making the rounds in the dark Monday night, trying to restore electricity and order before sweltering temperatures make the task unbearable.

As the warm front that set off the storm lifts north, temperatures will soar well into the 90s on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

When the humidity is factored in, it will feel as hot as 105 degrees and maybe even hotter in some places.

A Heat Advisory has been issued beginning Tuesday at noon until 8 p.m. Wednesday, according to the Office of Emergency Management and Communications. The advisory includes north central and northeastern Illinois, as well as portions of northwest Indiana.

Officials warn that the hot temperatures and high humidity may cause heat illnesses, which could develop in less than 30 minutes after strenuous outdoor activity.

Residents are advised to take extra precautions, including drinking plenty of fluids, staying in air-conditioned areas and staying out of the sun. If possible, reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or in the evenings if you work or will be spending time outside. Wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing when possible as well.


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